crispy rice and egg bowl with ginger-scallion vinaigrette

It’s really unfortunate timing, because we’ve got a long year to go and I at one point had many great and luminous cooking plans for it, but they’re all cancelled now because on the afternoon of January 4th, before 2019 had really even kicked in, I ate the best thing I had or will all year or maybe ever — because what would the internet be without some unnecessary melodrama — and I threw it together from a mess of leftovers in my fridge.

scallionsgrating gingercarrotssliced cucumbers

Don’t you hate it when those lifestyle guru-types tell you about the meals they threw together from their leftovers, which just happen to be in tip-top shape, chromatically balanced, and Instagram-perfect. In real life, or at least mine, leftovers are a lot of Let’s Never Speak About That Again, the best of intentions cut short by poor planning, the now shamed and guilt-ridden humans responsible for the disgrace vowing to do better by that murky bag of herbs and liquefied cucumber next time.

ginger-scallion vinaigrette

But not last week. Last week, on January 1st, I made David Chang’s Bo Ssam, something I do once a year or so when I want to make a jaw-dropping feast for a crowd with exactly three ingredients (pork shoulder, salt, sugar) even a person living through the aftereffects of an evening of daquiris can handle. Of course, because most three-ingredient recipes are a lie, there are a few other things you make to serve with it: a Ssam sauce (it’s like a vinaigrette), a ginger-scallion sauce (a riff on the classic Cantonese sauce), rice, and I always like to serve it with marinated julienned carrots and thinly sliced cucumbers so needless to say, these leftovers were well above-average. Bo Ssam makes a lot; we ate it on the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd before we were finally out of pork, but I still had a smidge left of everything else so for lunch on that 4th day of the year, I put it all in a bowl and topped it with a crispy fried egg.

crispy underneath

But first, I crisped the rice. The world of crisped, stuck-pot, scorched, fried, bimbimbap-ed, tahdig-ed and socarrat rice is vast and nuanced and fascinating and I’m not going to even try to do it justice here, but what they all have in common, what they all know, is that cooked rice that’s been allowed to crisp is a glorious thing. My favorite — short-grain brown or white rice — is particularly good at this, starchy and thick enough to be both crackly edged and tender-centered in a single grain. (What a showoff.) It, apparently, smells like popcorn when you cook it.

crispy rice

I have told every single person I’ve seen or spoken to since about how amazing this lunch was (their eyes mostly glazed over, it’s fine, I understand) and now it’s your turn. I’ve tried to pare it down to just the most essential parts — crispy rice, a crispy egg, and a ginger-scallion-sauce-meets-vinaigrette — plus whatever crunchy or leftover vegetables you have around. I hope it becomes your new favorite 2019 meal, too.

crispy rice, crispy egg bowl


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Crispy Rice and Egg Bowl with Ginger-Scallion Vinaigrette

  • Servings: 4
  • Source: Smitten Kitchen
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I make this with cucumbers and carrots because it’s what I have around most often, but I think this could be good with many other vegetables, even leftovers, so go ahead, clean out your fridge before it gets terrible. If you have extra time, I like to toss the carrots with 2 tablespoons each rice vinegar and water, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt to coat the strands. They begin to marinate/gently pickle while you do everything else. But the dressing is sufficient to flavor them if you’re in more of a rush.

While this is best with leftover rice, cold from the fridge, I made some fresh and cooled it to almost room temperature and it was, in fact, almost perfect (and it crisps faster). I really like the starchiness of short-grain white and brown rice here; I did not test this with long-grain rice but have crisped longer-grain rice in other recipes with success. This recipe presumes 3/4 cup cooked rice per person; adjust it to your preferred serving size, if this is not it.

This recipe has many things in common with dolsot bibimbap, which is served in a sizzling stone bowl that crisps the rice, and is often with a raw egg (which cooks in the hot rice) or meat, and fresh and pickled vegetables — although this is in no way intended as what would be a very lazy imitation. But if you love the flavors of bimbimbap, you will definitely like what’s happening in this fridge-scavenged hybrid recipe.

  • 1 1/4 cups minced scallions, both green and white parts (from a 4-ounce bundle)
  • 2 tablespoons minced or finely grated fresh ginger
  • Neutral oil (such as grapeseed, safflower, or sunflower)
  • 1/4 cup sherry or rice wine vinegar
  • Fine sea salt
  • About 1 heaped cup julienned or coarsely grated carrots (from about 8 ounces fresh)
  • 8 ounces small (Persian-style, about 2) cucumbers, thinly sliced
  • 3 cups cooked, cooled rice (my favorite here is short-grain brown or white)
  • 4 eggs
  • Soy sauce or tamari (to serve)
  • Toasted sesame oil (to serve)
  • Sriracha, gochujang or another hot sauce of your choice (to serve)

Make the vinaigrette: Mix scallions, ginger, 1/4 cup oil and sherry or rice wine vinegar in a bowl. Season with salt (I use about 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt). Set aside.

Crisp your rice: Heat a large frying pan over medium high. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons oil; you’ll want to coat the bottom with a thin layer of oil all over. Nonstick pan (as I used) are more forgiving here, so you can use the lower amount. Heat the oil until it’s hot, another minute, then scatter half the rice over the surface; it’s okay if small clusters remain. Season lightly with salt and do not touch it. In 3 to 5 minutes, the underside will become golden brown and crisp. Use a spatula to flip it in sections then fry on the other side until it is also crisp. Divide between two bowls and repeat with remaining rice, dividing it between two remaining bowls.

Crisp your egg: If there isn’t enough oil left in the pan (you want a thin layer), add another splash and heat this on high heat. Add eggs one at a time and season lightly with salt and pepper. Cook until brown, lacy, and crisp underneath, and the whites are opaque, bubbly and dramatic and the edges are brown. You can spoon some oil from the pan over the egg whites to help them cook faster. Place one egg on each bowl of rice.

Assemble bowls: Arrange some cucumbers and carrots to each bowl. Spoon 2 tablespoons vinaigrette onto each bowls. Drizzle each egg with a half-teaspoon of tamari and toasted sesame oil, letting it roll onto the other ingredients, plus hot sauce to taste. Eat immediately. Repeat frequently.

Do ahead: The dressing will keep for 5 to 6 days in the fridge; the chopped vegetables will keep for 3 to 4.

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250 comments on crispy rice and egg bowl with ginger-scallion vinaigrette

  1. SallyT

    This looks amazing – all I want to eat in 2019 is a rice bowl, ideally topped with fried egg and fish. I’m making something similar tomorrow night with pickled radishes and ginger – YUM!

    1. Zo

      Made this tonight, was great! Only thing I’d add is to just put the sugar in the scallion dressing, and marinate both the cucumber and carrot in the dressing. Then the water that comes out of the cucumber acts as the water and the carrots soak it up a little.

      Can’t wait to make again with other random veggies in the fridge.

      Also I’ve found rice that’s a bit wet works the best for crispy rather than hard crunch.

    1. deb

      I just got this one. I usually keep one nonstick around and we destroyed our last one; it’s no longer available. Thought I’d try a white surface this time. The instruction manual is bonkers; we ignored it.

  2. Pat S

    I really don’t like crispy fried eggs, but this dish sounds wonderful, even to me. Thinking a poached egg would work better for me.

  3. Lyra

    When this crossed my IG feed I initially thought you’d made bibimbap. Still looks delicious, and I am gratified that Francis Lam makes ginger-scallion sauce the same way I have for my entire adult life.

  4. JP

    I am going to make this and throw in some stir fried snow peas (or they may be sugar snap peas) that we got in the bargain room of the Berkeley Bowl. This looks so tasty! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This looks SO good, but is also the cruelest thing to post while I’m preggers (I dream about runny yolks and would break the rules if the FDA were fully functional these days).

    1. Katie

      As long as your eggs are already pasturized, runny yolks are usually a-ok.

      (Same with soft and unpasturized cheeses, as long as they are cooked (fresh ricotta on pizza!) you are golden!)

    2. Alex

      You have to do what you feel comfortable with, but I am a mother of three and never gave up eating running yolks during my pregnancies.

      1. Megan

        I’m feeling so conflicted over this! 11 weeks and a runny egg lover. My eggs come from my own chickens in my back yard…I know they are all healthy so I should be good, right? Ugh…I might just scramble the egg for my bowl!

        1. Christine

          Can you (or have you) have your chickens vaccinated for salmonella? You could also talk to your get about their risks. Buy vaccines are what they do in the UK and their eggs are safe for pregnant women. We don’t do it in the US because someone decided washing (and recalling…) was cheaper.

          I completely understand that discomfort. My girl is 8 months and I dont regret avoiding the things that made me worry. If I worry, I wont enjoy it, and that completely defeats the purpose!

  6. Jes

    I make some version of this for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner on the regular because runny egg + rice is my number one comfort food and I always have random veggies kicking around.

    Pro tip: top this off with your Obsessively Good Avocado and Cucumber Salad and watch 2 obsessions become 1.

  7. I love all of your recipes. I thank you for your work. I would like to ask if you have ever considered writing a book with recipes that are for diabetics. A lot of your’s will already work for me but would like a one stop source for idea’s. A Book of YOUR diabetic recipes. Thanks for being a great communicator and I will look for an email or post to hear what you might think of this or even if you would consider it. WE (the diabetic community) NEED YOU! <3 Sincerely hopeful, Linda J Mercer ;)

  8. Jenny

    This looks lovely. Rice is the only food I am nervous about cooling and reheating – I was always taught to eat any leftovers cold as reheating it can be dangerous. Do you just make sure it’s thoroughly heated? Thanks.

    1. Ken

      If reheating is dangerous half of Asia would be dead by now. Last night’s rice will be fine so long as it kept cool.

      Off rice has a peculiar sour smell that you will be able to detect once you heat it up, it should be markedly different to its previous incarnation.

    2. Pen Fox

      The rice issue isn’t a result of cooling and reheating – the issue arises from keeping rice standing at room temperature (or lukewarm) for long periods of time. Spores in raw rice can survive after cooking, and allow bacteria to flourish. At room temperature/lukewarm temperatures, given enough time, the bacteria can produce toxins that will give you a nasty GI bug. The solution is to avoid leaving rice standing at room temperature and cool it quickly/properly if keeping left-overs, and exercise caution with reheating take-out because you don’t know how it’s been stored/heated etc. before getting to you.

  9. allthebutterforit

    Well, based on that picture of Anna, we all know what tiny Deb basically looked like (which is to say, adorable). Lately, I’ve been crisping rice for fried rice using a similar method this because it’s the only way my sad, not very hot stove will crisp anything. Add an avocado and youve basically made my dream meal…convenient, since I fall into the category of people who can never make the right amount of grains.

  10. JohnnySeattle

    I swear, that ginger scallion sauce really is the best damned thing ever. I generally make this exact meal the next day after the Bo Ssam, so I still have meat to throw in there too. I think I like this better than the main meal at this point. :)

  11. This looks great! I love crispy rice but everyone thinks I’m crazy. I will brown butter just to use for crispy rice, so good.

    And omg yes that New York Times article – whenever a recipe says prep will take 10 minutes but I need to pick and chop up thyme leaves I want to die.

  12. Erika

    Thank you for (always) being real! I just threw out a liquefied cucumber today and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

    And thank you for your many recipes with eggs. We got chicks last spring and, now that they are all laying, have eggs coming out of our ears. (The hens would have appreciated the cuke, if I had noticed it in time.) So I’m working my way through all of your egg-on-top dinners. The kids will eat anything with rice, so this is a win-win.

    1. deb

      I have this one. There are definitely cheaper ones out there — and ones that are less likely to cause you harm when you reach into a drawer if its cap is not on (spoiler: I lost mine years ago) but this one has held up best for 6 to 7 years now and I honestly think I just lost the one I had before, it didn’t break or anything.

      1. Margaret R. Adorno

        Hi Deb, feeling quite dumb but I’m not seeing the julienne tool you indicate you’re sharing in this post?
        Thank you!

  13. Ellen

    This looks delicious, but why is the amount of oil for the dressing specified in the instructions but not the ingredient list? Amounts are given for all other ingredients. Thanks.

    1. deb

      Because I use the oil a few times, I thought it might be weird to write 1/4 cup plus 1 to 2 tablespoons (for crisping the recipe) plus another 1 to 2 tablespoons (for frying eggs), as needed. etc. Open to suggestions!

  14. Michelle

    OMG this was fantastic. I made it for dinner with carrots, cucumber, a leftover watermelon radish, and a few pickled onions. Even my husband loved it. This will be on regular rotation

  15. Bethany

    “This recipe has many things in common with dolcet bibimbap, which is served in a sizzling stone bowl that crisps the rice, nd is topped with a raw egg”

    FYI I think it’s typically spelled dolsot not dolcet (at least from what I’ve seen in Socal) and missing an “a” before “nd is topped”!

    (I eat something like this often but am excited to try your tips with the carrots and that sauce!)

  16. Jennifer

    I saw this on the train en route home last night and knew I had to have it for dinner. I loved it and so did my beloved, and it was easy to pull together. We’ll be having this for dinner a few times a year going forward. Thank you!

  17. I love crispy rice and this looks amazing! Having lived in Asia for over a decade I can’t get enough of the crispy rice from clay pot meals!! Slightly burnt rice sounds weird but it’s SO GOOD!

    Will try this recipe ASAP!!

      1. Sara

        Is it 1/4 cup Sherry vinegar or 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar? Or 1/4 cup Sherry or 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar?

        I tried with Sherry Vinegar and it was ‘too much’ for me. But then I thought maybe I used the wrong thing.

  18. Calisson

    I have made Bo Ssam with ginger scallion sauce (though I actually prefer Kenji Lopez’s “Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder”), and have found that heating the oil first, as is described in the link you have above to the classic Cantonese version, works far better (to my taste buds). I’m looking forward to making this crispy rice and egg bowl!

  19. Esvee

    This looks amazing and I have every intention of cooking some short grain brown rice today so that this can be dinner tomorrow. But, I have to know, what do you use to create such perfect strips of carrots?

  20. Lauren

    Wait, you ran out of pork before you ran out of everything else?! We must be doing it wrong because we made David Chang’s Bo Ssam for Thanksgiving this year and still have so much pork left in our freezer!

  21. jeanvram

    When we were kids, my brother & I always fought over bottom of the pot crispy rice. Everyone I’ve known at the international bank I worked who eats rice in their daily meals loves crispy rice, Asians, Indians, Persians. Blending raw egg & lard into hot crispy rice is also a favorite when I don’t like what my grandma serves during dinnertime.

  22. Ellen Weeks

    I recently took your book out of the library, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and I can honestly say it that s now my favorite cookbook! It’s as if you knew my tastes exactly and write recipes just for me.
    Thank you Deb!!!

  23. Flo

    Really good and a surprising hit with my kids (9, 5 and 5), who actually complimented dinner, rather than complaining about it, in a brief but gratifying moment of triumph. Next time I’d keep some julienned carrots aside that aren’t tossed in the vinegar dressing described in the note before the recipe as they weren’t too keen on that part. Also, in case it’s useful to anyone wondering, I did not use a non-stick pan for the rice and it worked well, with no particular difficulty washing up the pan.

  24. Krista Teichroeb

    The best line: ‘the whites are opaque, bubbly and dramatic.’ Thanks for the method. I have some leftover rice that will work perfectly!

  25. I cooked this last night and my husband said it was the most delicious meal he’s ever had! It was quite a complement, as he’s a phenomenal cook. Thank you, Deb! I stuck firmly to the recipe (usually I tweak, but here I refrained) and ended up using a large grater for the carrots instead of julienning them, to save time. They were still very crunchy.

  26. I cooked this last night and my husband said it was the most delicious meal he’s ever had! That meant a lot, as he’s a phenomenal cook. Thank you, Deb! I stuck firmly to the recipe (usually I tweak, but here I refrained) and ended up using a large grater for the carrots instead of julienning them, to save time. They were still very crunchy.

  27. Jeanie

    So delicious! We had leftover short ribs ala Samin Nosrat (her Netflix series is the bomb!) and we used that instead of eggs. Also added thinly sliced radishes. This made for an amazing and easy dinner. Thank you!

  28. junebugapril

    Yummy! Veg comfort food – I make Chicken Fried Tofu comfort food for my vegan daughter! Freeze a tofu block to give it a meaty texture. Defrost or nuke to defrost. Cut into fingers. DIp in beaten egg, then dip in flour mixed with Lawry Salt. Fry in oil. Nice on salads.

  29. Carolyn

    That looks so good! What is the name/brand of the tool that you used to julienne your carrots? And is it as easy as it looks to make a pile of perfectly thin carrot strips?

  30. Frank

    “So good…so good…” is all I heard from my family when I made this tonight. I did everything (first time using my julienne utensil – bought it thinking it was a regular peeler – thank you) exactly as detailed (that dressing!) + some black sesame seeds (on the carrots), steamed broccoli, and a couple of black beans heated in soy sauce. EVERY RECIPE I TRY ON YOUR SITE TURNS OUT DELICIOUS. You need to add a mike-drop emoji after posting recipes, really.

    1. Bridgit

      I almost always have black beans in my fridge. I love the “heated in soy sauce” idea; I have a hard time stepping out of Latin style foods with them. And I need one of these julienne utensils!

  31. Kim

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was totally delicious. I added some chopped ham to the pan when the eggs were cooking for my carnivore husband. Enjoy by all and will make again

  32. Julie

    I thought this recipe was fantastic. I had all the ingredients (even exactly 3 cups of leftover short grain brown rice) on hand, so it was meant to be. I spiralized the carrots, which was fun. Absolutely a make again.

  33. I initially thought this was fancy bibimbap, and then read your description and well, it’s still fancy! Looks amazing for leftovers and so healthy. Maybe I need to rethink my sad leftovers in the fridge…

  34. Pam

    Fantastic! Made a simple version this morning with leftover rice (mix of brown rice and a wild rice blend), egg, jullienned carrots and leftover chimichuri sauce. Exciting flavors and textures- delicious!

  35. mks

    This was another delicious hit for dinner, thank you! We made the eggs into a crepe-y omelette since family is not fond of runny yolks (sadly) and sliced it up. Added radish to the pickled veg. and topped our bowls with kimchi. Used long-grain rice, freshly cooked and dried a bit on a cookie sheet in the oven before crisping in a skillet. The scallion vinaigrette is amazing and will be useful on so many things! On to your pasta with baked tomatoes tonight and chicken fajitas tomorrow . . .

  36. Lucy

    This was AMAZING, so much more than the sum of the parts. Going to have the same again tomorrow night 😃 Thanks so much for sharing!

  37. Kris

    Deb – Thank you! Lately I have been feeling like getting a decent dinner together is a drag and I haven’t been motivated to try new recipes because I can’t be bothered to remember to pick up those extra grocery items! But you reminded me that a good dinner can be as easy as picking up a few super common fresh veggies at the grocery store. This was really easy and delicious but I maybe…kind of think fresh hot rice would be better than the crispy?? Just my take! I also subbed in white wine and apple cider vinegars since I didn’t have any rice or sherry – seemed to work fine as long as you get the vinegary taste! Avocado was a nice addition too!

  38. Colleen

    Do you think I could use soy sauce instead of the rice wine vinegar in the dressing? I realize it would be a very different flavor, but my husband absolutely hates all vinegars and I’m almost never able to sneak it past him :-/

  39. Jill

    This is SO GOOD. Why is it so good?? I don’t fully understand the magic of this dish but thank you Deb for sharing it and giving it the hype it deserves! I made it pretty much exactly as written and it was perfect.

  40. Misa Perron-Burdick

    I found the scallion ginger dressing really overwhelming. I think it is because I tried to go light on the rice and used leftover teriyaki chicken instead of an egg. The richness of the egg is needed to balance out the dressing. Next time I’ll do an egg but for vegans I think avocado would be a good substitute. And generous amounts of rice!

  41. Diane

    Made this tonight. I really enjoyed it. Husband is a carnivore, so not quite as much. I thought it was tasty and unique and I absolutely loved the rice crisped in the skillet! There are several steps so I prepped a few things yesterday. I wished my serving had been a little bigger (oink), but just an FYI to bigger eaters, this might be more like 3 servings.

  42. I made this for dinner last night and barely any of the rice made it to my plate because I just stood over the skillet, eating the perfect crispy rice by hand. I used half jasmine/half brown basmati rice and it was perfect, and I made the rice day-of and had no issues. I crisped it in an iron skillet because I don’t really have a non-stick pan and it didn’t stick, so that was good! No carrots or cukes here so I used avocado and raw broccoli and it was super yummy. I had a slightly hard time making sure the egg was over easy enough, which I think is important because the fat balances out the acidity and saltiness of the rice and vinaigrette. Perfect “I have no meat thawed what are we gonna eat” dinner.

  43. I see that you are to salt the rice when frying it. Is your leftover rice un-salted? Just making sure! I always cook rice with salt, so I don’t want to over do it. PS – never commented here before, but I live in Papua New Guinea and love making things off your site. There are so many dishes I can make with items we have here (or at least with subs!). Thank you for being my go-to recipe blog!

  44. Cyndi

    Awesome dish. I made it just as written except with brown basmati rice, and it crisped up great. From marinating the carrots and making the sauce to slicing veggies, sauteing rice and then eggs…it definitely took more than 10 minutes, though! More like an hour. I’ll definitely make this again!

    1. Sirkku

      Same here Cyndi. Kind of a relief to hear I’m not the only one. Starting from cooking the rice I think it took me some 1h 10min… But yes, it was worth it!

  45. Kassie

    Made this for dinner tonight. It hit the spot for a late in the week, weeknight dinner. I didn’t have cucumber, but did have avocado. I had left over rice, but it was mexican rice from the tacos earlier in the week. It all worked out and was completely delicious. The ginger scallion vineagrette makes it.

  46. LLM

    A winner – the crispy rice makes it, and your instructions are perfect – I used red rice and it worked wonderfully. Thank you – I *will* repeat frequently!

  47. So glad I saw you post this yesterday—made it last night and it’s insanely good. My hubs and I wanted to share about our day but kept being interrupted by our own groans. So good! Permanent collection!

  48. SabrieCheeseNa

    This is pretty much the perfect lunch. I added leftover roasted chicken for his, fresh cilantro and mint for both of ours; didn’t need to do either – sorry Deb for doubting! – but didn’t make me sad. The vinaigrette MAKES it. (I added 1/4-1/2 tsp sugar 😬, it seemed like a lot of ginger and onionyness and I got scared.)

  49. EAH

    I played around with this recipe and found that what I liked was the flexibility. In addition to using rice, I used 10 grain cereal and polenta. For vegetables I sauteed ginger, scallions and broccoli. So to me, what may be best about this recipe is that it encourages one to be open to going in different directions and eating a reasonably healthy meal. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  50. Jennifer

    This is WONDERFUL— I am on my 2nd batch of marinated veggies and dressing. Once you have that down, it is such an easy meal to assemble. And incredibly delicious!

  51. Angela Tan

    Are you using a regular microplane to grate the ginger, or a slight variation on same? Just wondering because whenever I try to grate ginger with my microplane I get something more like ginger pulp with ginger juice. Thanks!

  52. Sara L MacKenzie

    What a fantastic plate to eat! It’s very similar to a dish David Chang makes at noodle bar, except he uses soba noodle. I quick-pickled the cukes and the carrots and added some shredded cabbage and it’s gone.

  53. leskap19

    I made it! There are only two of us, so I made as written and only crisped half the rice and two eggs the first day. Put the rest away for the next day when I crisped the other half. Just as delicious as the first day and it came together crazy fast the second day. Yummy! Great layers of flavor and texture.

  54. Kelly

    Loved this so much! I kept eating the rice out of the pan while prepping the accompaniments, and it took real effort to save any for my husband! Made exactly as Deb said, and turned out perfectly. Used basmati rice as that’s what was in the cupboard, and a cast iron skillet as my non-stick pan wasn’t big enough. The dressing is divine – used it the next day on a salad with some salmon, avocado, and carrot, and it was delicious.

  55. Julie K

    This was delicious and easy. Thank you. We didn’t have any leftover rice handy so I substituted with some quinoa. I’ve been a big fan of your recipes for long time. We enjoyed this recipe for lunch and then your chewy oatmeal raisin cookies recipe for dessert tonight!

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  57. Christi Cassidy

    Nice midweek supper! Used up vegetables in the fridge (scallions, carrots, cucumbers and red peppers), and had the whole thing ready in about 45 minutes, including cooking and cooling the rice out on the balcony in 16-degree weather.

  58. Rachel

    I made this last week, but we topped it with some roasted salmon instead of an egg (for a friend who was coming for dinner and had requested salmon). I made the rest of the recipe just as you wrote it: the pickled carrots, sliced Persian cucumbers, and added some sliced radishes too. I also added avocado and some lightly sautéed kale and some toasted sesame seeds (I just happened to have all of these things and thought they would fit).

    We set up a buffet with all the goodies and let people fix up their own bowls. It was one of the best things any of us have ever eaten. The scallion sauce was beyond amazing. It elevated the whole dish.

    Also: I can’t believe how delicious crispy rice is, or that I have never made it‽ My son is a rice fanatic, and he went crazy for this. We all enjoyed the leftover bits of crusty rice that we found in the pan long after all the rest of the rice was eaten. This will become a regular in our rotation. I am, in fact, making it again tonight. This time I’m topping it with tofu, since my guest tonight is vegetarian. I can’t wait to top it with a fried egg for myself!

  59. Molly Robinson

    I made a variation of this for dinner last night and just wanted to say how GENIUS the rice crisping is. It makes for such a wonderful texture to contrast the toppings. Thanks for another great technique and recipe!

  60. Sarah

    I have 5 kids (and my mom is visiting next week). Would love to make this for a crowd of 8 (as a weeknight meal). Any tips/suggestions for doing so? Looks amazing!

  61. So glad I stumbled on this recipe! It looks delicious, and I can almost taste it myself through your great photography!
    However, my husband hates ginger. Does it have a strong taste/ smell in this recipe? Should I just leave it out or substitute for something else?

    1. Molly

      I thought it was pretty gingery. I bet if you used less ginger and maybe a bit more vinegar you would get more of a scallion taste. Good luck.

  62. Molly

    Oh my goodness. This was delicious. I made it as more of a fried rice dish than a crispy rice dish, but I used the dressing and put all the same fresh veggies on top and it was amazing!

  63. Beth

    Hi Deb,
    I have posted twice, Jan. 16th and 23rd, a serious question looking for a brief answer. You didn’t list canola as a neutral oil. It is usually thought of as a “ good” neutral oil so I wondered if it is acceptable or not. If not, why not.

    1. Laurel

      I used canola and found it was fine for this but got a little smokey at the higher cooking temp. Try it and see if you like it.

    2. Angela

      I looked up the substitution for grapeseed oil and Google suggested canola- – I thought it was great. It suggested avocado oil as well- next time. :)
      I didn’t notice any smokiness. I think it depends on your stove and maybe what burner you put it on. Who needs to go to the store when you can substitute with whatever is in the cupboard!

      1. Beth

        Thank you. I made it using canola which worked. Mine didn’t clump, but it was delicious. I did buy short grain brown rice.

  64. addyantley

    Admittedly, I did not have the correct ingredients for the vinaigrette on hand…so I made a miso vinaigrette instead….. perfect supper for one! Thanks for the idea!

  65. Jessica

    The crispy bits of rice were really good, but the scallion vinaigrette was very, very overpowering — all I could taste was sharp, raw onion, despite letting it marinate a good 30 minutes before using. I don’t know if my scallions were particularly strong or what, but it was not good. We scraped most of it out of our bowls and enjoyed the rest. For those with Deb’s second cookbook, this is great with the ground beef from the bulgogi taco recipe!

  66. Katie Webster

    I totally relate about the fact that my left-overs never look as good as everyone else’s. This is definitely worthy of sharing and talking to everyone you know about. I have to make that sauce asap!

  67. Wow, yum! This recipe looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it. When you make this on any given day, does it always look this pretty?! I know mine won’t no matter how hard I try :D

  68. Diane

    Fantastic! So simple, and so delicious. This will be going into the regular rotation for days when I need a quick dinner (that happens a lot).

  69. Laura

    this was ridiculously good. like surprisingly good. like i dreamt about it the night after i made it good. I followed the recipe as written, except omitted the cucumbers because i don’t like them.

  70. S Holland

    QUESTION: I made this and it was delicious but my crispy rice didn’t hold together like yours did. Mine was still individual grains, crispy but not like your photo. Any idea why? Not enough oil? Heat?

    1. Angela

      I let the pan heat up a lot before I put the rice in. I also put a little more oil in the pan then Deb suggested and added more on the second batch.

  71. Christine Sellers

    I make salads from my Bo SSam leftovers with rice in them and they are amazing. Like sometimes I just make Bo Ssam just for the salad leftovers. So I feel you on this! No one believes me!

  72. Lucy

    The flavors in this were so delicious!! Definitely making this again. I made it with white basmati rice because it’s what I had on hand, and I would not do that again. For me it was just too tough/hard to chew. Next time I’ll go short grain, as the recipe recommends.

  73. We use many of your recipes on a weekly basis, but this is the first time I’m taking the time to comment because this recipe is frustratingly delicious. Like it has no right to be so tasty. The crunchy rice with the tangy dressing, plus the fresh cucumber and then the richness of the egg? Oof. How is it so good. Like, how.

  74. I made it last night and it was just a great meal! I’m always on the lookout for some new and very easy recipe to impress my husband with not too much work, and this was just perfect. I only had to substitute cucumber with zucchini, as this is not their season and they are hard to find right now, but the result was great and delicious anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  75. Audra

    Oh, it was so delicious! Husband is the weekday cook at our house & I begged him to add this to our menu this week. AMAZING! This is definitely going to be in high rotation at our house. We used yellow and red hued carrots from our local farmers’ market & it looked almost as lovely as it tasted.

  76. Laurel

    Made this last night for dinner and we loved it I found the recipe very forgiving – in typical fashion I hadn’t planned ahead and subbed champagne vinegar and olive oil and my rice was fresh but it still turned out delicious. In the spirit of cleaning out the fridge, we ate with red cabbage sliced and sautéed in sesame oil with ginger and garlic. Next time I’ll try the quick pickle for the carrots suggested in the notes because I can’t say no to more pickles.

    1. Erin C

      I just made this for the 4,535 time. It is my favorite thing to eat. I add tofu sometimes and avocado and tomatoes and generally any other crisp veggie. It’s so good. I could bathe in the ginger scallion sauce.

  77. Johanna

    I have been meaning to make this since it was first published and finally did it tonight. Wow this was so delicious, easy, healthy and a new staple! I made this alongside an eggplant that needed to get used – sauteed it with ground ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and coconut aminos – it was delicious but the original dish is so filling it didn’t even need it!
    Loved the crunchy rice and fresh veggies, the bright dressing, and the yolky egg. YUM.

  78. thenavyblonde

    YUM this looks delicious! brb going to make this for dinner now lol. Have you tried other sauces with it? I’m wondering if these flavors would go well with tahini

  79. Patti Weiss

    Your recipes are ALWAYS outstanding but this dish is truly unbelievable. My husband and I agreed that we must now make and eat this on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your artistry, Deb!

  80. Christa

    Ideas for other kinds of sauces without scallions to accompany this dish? One mentioned chimichurri which sounds great!

  81. Janine

    I rarely comment on websites but I’m chiming in because my 8 year old son asked me to “rate this five stars”.

  82. I live in Los Angeles, where we have a restaurant called Animal (Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo). My husband and I have been known to order their “Crispy pig ear, chili, lime, fried egg” twice in an evening. Deb, this rice bowl captures all the flavors of that beloved dish – and we just made it at home rather than paying $20 for it. Thank you!!!

  83. Mary

    I love this! It’s on regular rotation. We sometimes add a fried tomato, cooked just before the rice, then set aside to add at the end.

  84. Amy Mac

    YESSSSSS bo ssam makes the BEST fried rice leftovers! I too make his recipe once or twice a year when I A) really want to wow/spoil/love on some friends, or B) have realized it’s been too long since I made it last and suddenly must. have. it. right. now. Almost better than the bo ssam feast itself is the second day fried rice with shredded pork, some diced kimchi and a dash of the kimchi juice, all topped with a fried egg and that awesome scallion ginger sauce. And now I’m on option B — haven’t made this in months and need to asap.

  85. Janelle

    This is literally one of my favorite dishes Deb. I’ve been a fan of your recipes and cookbooks for years! Just wanted to mention I like to add the baked tofu that’s in your roasted broccoli and roasted tofu with peanut sesame pesto (featured in your cookbook) for a more filling dish!

  86. Alex

    Made a version of this that was incredible. Instead of cucumber, we used lightly sauteed green cabbage. We pickled the carrot and added thinly sliced jalapeno and garlic, as well as black sesame seeds and avocado. The result was delectable.

  87. Amy

    This was so delicious. All four of my kids loved it and my 10 year old is already making his lunch with the leftovers for tomorrow. We added diced baked chicken. Thank you so much!

  88. Janine

    I have made this approximately one billion times since posting, and have implored everyone I know to try it. I got lazy and now skip the frying of the rice and just sub in quinoa (fast, easy, protein if I skip the egg or lets be real just extra protein bc all the eggs all the time). I now just slather every veg in scallion ginger sauce and dance around the kitchen. Repeat like 4 nights a week because this is so easy to batch make.

  89. Beth

    I really enjoy this dish. It led me to discover short grain brown rice. I sometimes skip frying it. Instead I spread it out and finish it in the oven at 325 or so. It crunches up quite nicely. Be sure to scrape the pan. I started because it wasn’t done after 45 minutes on simmer.

  90. lora

    I just made this and my husband said, “This is the best thing anyone’s ever made for me,” which I admit I found slightly annoying (I have made so many more elaborate things for him!) but still, that is a pretty 5-star review! It was yum.

  91. Jessie

    Your short grain brown rice looks amazing – do you rinse it before you cook it? Can you please share your method? thank you!

    1. deb

      I do rinse it but weirdly I find that the brown short-grain rice seems to need it less — the water is clear pretty much from the beginning. I use a rice cooker, quick setting. (I have an older version of this one and love it.)

  92. Katie

    My whole family, kids and adults equally, *love* this recipe — it’s already a staple at our house.

    I don’t always have time to make the rice in advance, but since I do have time to start it a little early I often spread the cooked sushi rice out on a lined baking sheet and stick it in my convection oven at the lowest temperature (170?) for about half an hour or so. That leaves me with slightly dried-out sheets of sticky rice, which fry up beautifully.

  93. Cara

    okay, this looks amazing but… when are you going to walk us through the bo ssam process!?! I keep wanting to try it out but get overwhelmed when I think of all the sides and extras and I need someone who lives in a normal kitchen to walk me through it…

    1. deb

      Don’t be. I prefer this nontraditional ginger-scallion sauce — vinaigrette-y. You will need a ton. You cannot have too much. I make a simple grated or julienned carrot salad and dress it with some gochujang, soy sauce, etc. plus some thinly sliced cucumbers with some rice vinegar, salt, pepper, maybe a pinch of sugar. And stay tuned: next week I’m going to channel bo ssam in a new, awesome (I’m biased but…) recipe.

  94. Caroline

    This was delicious and I loved the crispy rice. When I first read the recipe, I noticed the bit about pickling the carrots- but when I made it tonight, this step eluded me. Still great, even with grated carrots!

  95. Unbelievable! Truly greater than the sum of its parts. I followed the recipe pretty closely but pickled some shallots instead of the carrots and cukes. And crumbled some nori on top. It was tangy, spicy, and full of texture. Hooray for dinner!

  96. kati

    I followed the recipe to a T and it was incredible. This is an easy end of the week dinner to make, great for nights you don’t feel like eating or defrosting meat. Thank you!

  97. Rachel

    Thank you for this! I’ve been following you for ages, but I recently moved to Singapore and I don’t yet have a working oven, which is TERRIBLE. I made this for dinner tonight when I was feeling especially frustrated about that – two days before Thanksgiving – and it made everything feel better. And my boyfriend who is trying to be healthier liked it, too :)

  98. Deb,
    You’re such an amazing and inventive cook ! I also love your blogs, which explain techniques that other chef/authors often neglect to list. And they’re funny, Did I mention that I’ve never made a recipe of yours which was less than delicious? Thanks for making me happy…and fat.

  99. recipemarker

    I love this recipe… especially because I love Korean Bibimbap and this definitely reminds me of it. It was easy to make thanks to your step-by-step instructions =)

  100. Emily

    Hmmm. I think if you whisk the eggs and stir into the rice while it’s crisping you’ll have a variation of fried rice … has anyone tried that?

  101. Rebecca

    Made this last night – so fast and easy! Had some leftover baked sweet potatoes and sliced those up to go with grated carrots. Didn’t have any ginger or scallions, so mixed a honey/ginger-infused balsamic I did have with a little extra rice wine vinegar to cut the sweetness. Turned out great! Definitely reminded us of bibimbap. I have been requested to make it again regularly :-)

  102. stephabelle

    I made this last night and it was incredible. I bought about half a pound of diced steak (for fajitas) and marinated it in about a tablespoon of the vinaigrette. Cooked the meat in the pan, removed it, added the rice, and then the egg. My husband really liked this and was surprised by how flavorful the rice was! My girls didn’t like the vinaigrette (their loss my gain), but enjoyed just a little soy sauce with the meat, egg, and carrots. SO GOOD!

  103. leskap19

    I make this regularly. It is one of the most delicious recipes. I cook the rice in advance and make the dressing in advance. Sometimes I shred/chop the vegetables in the morning. Then it is sooo easy to fry the rice and the eggs for a quick dinner and throw the bowl together . This is an absolutely addictive recipe, and leftovers make a great lunch for work the next day.

  104. N

    The hype is real! We’ve already made this twice in the last two weeks because the flavour for effort return is incredible. Thank you Deb for creating simple, inspiring dishes like this one!

  105. Dagmar

    OMG that was so special for my taste buds! I had never had bimbimba so it was a surprise.
    I love your stuck on rice and make it when I need comfort or have nothing fresh In the fridge.
    By accident pinterest presented a bunch of your recipes in my inbox. I had left over basmati, which i was going to make into fried rice and feeling kind of blah about it. The crispy rice part intrigued an the rest hooked me. I followed the recipe except I had no cokes. But I had lovely baby broccoli which I steamed and plunged in cold water. Everything came together quick, and the flavors…, a little like a perfect salad, but balanced by the warmth and the crispness of the rice and the egg…awesome! Like little explosions in my mouth. Needless to say it’s now part of my reported. Sorry I don’t know how to spell that. Thank you so much!

  106. Alene

    Oh my goodness! This sounds so good. Have leftover cooked chilled basmati and shredded carrots from another dish already. And everything else except the cucumber. This calls out my name! Thank you!

  107. Amy

    Rice crisping technique is fabulous! Took me about 7 minutes to crisp my rice. I can’t speak to the rest of the recipe, as I used this rice for a harissa black bean kale bowl, but the crispy, tahdig-y rice would be utterly stunning with any combination of flavors. Thanks Deb!

  108. Diane

    I made this with Fushia Dunlop’s steamed eggs and added edamame. What a delicious meal with things I often have around anyway! Your recipes are keeping me sane during this uncertain time.

  109. Heather

    Our family loves this dinner – it’s become a frequent appearance on our meal plan. I was out of rice vinegar (how did this happen???), so I had to go with sherry – but I wasn’t clear if I should be using sherry vinegar or sherry itself. Any advice?

  110. Wendy

    I hope you won’t mind if I kind of turn this into bibimbap (sort of). I’ve got a steak in the freezer, destined to be turned into Korean bbq. Thinking I might just put it on top of this tasty treat and all will be well. Plus, I have all of these ingredients! Yay for a very full pantry and fridge. So full that it’s like playing jenga to get anything in or out right now.

  111. Lauren

    I made this for dinner and it was a MUST remake!
    The sauce is incredible, the combination of flavors really were an unami bomb.
    Looking forward to eating it all again soon.

  112. Thank you! Made for a delightful “use leftovers” meal tonight. Pickled carrot ribbons, finely sliced red bell pepper, and white mushrooms. Also sauted half a can or garbanzo beans in butter, garlic and sea salt before frying eggs in pan. Microwaved leftover white rice instead of crisping in pan. Poured the butter in pan onto the egg/rice in bowl, too. Mmmm.

  113. Sandra B

    My family cannot get enough of this! The flavors, textures and colors are just so bright, so fresh, so good. This dish works really well as leftovers, so consider doubling the veggies and rice, then crisp up the rice and fry your egg just before serving. We use wok oil (flavored with garlic, ginger and shallots) when sauteeing the rice–adds an extra punch of flavor in an already tasty dish. Hands down my favorite dish in the Smitten Kitchen archives.

  114. Zoe Apsel

    Made this fabulous dish yet again with one upgrade: instead of pan frying the rice, I spread it on a siloam on a roasting pan sprayed/sprinkled some oil lightly on top (don’t know if necessary), and put in oven. I did like 10 min on 450 and then 5-10 minutes under broiler. Worked perfectly, easier, less oil, less splatter, etc.

  115. Maryse42

    My 10-year-old and I DEVOURED this last night! Only change was to use hardboiled eggs. Will make again for sure!!!

  116. Petey

    This has been my go to 5 minute dinner for the past 10 years. I had a version in Japan and I’ve continued to adapt since. Essentials are crispy rice, a couple of easy fried eggs, sesame oil, soy and a chilli sauce of choice. Changeables or additions are pickled carrots/cucumber/cabbage/cauliflower/beets, fried scallions, advocado, spinach, roast cauliflower and carmelized onions. Its my soul food. Freezing cooked rice and defrosting it in the freezer makes for an extra crispy crackle imo.

  117. Natasha

    Coming back in the second half 2020 to make this again because the last time I ate this was pre-spring break (when the world had only heard whispers of pandemic) and some familiar, delicious, simple flavours feel very appropriate for this fall day.
    Sometimes the pre-amble on recipe blogs can be a bit much, but today it is nice to read about early 2019 and remember what life was like then, with the hope that it can return to something similar again soon.

    Thanks for the stories and the delicious, foolproof recipes Deb!

  118. Rianne

    This recipe is phenomenal! An absolute family favorite. For me, it takes around an hour and a half to make, but I like to take my time while cooking. If you’re a good multitasker or super speedy in the kitchen, you can definitely have this on the table in an hour or less. I like to serve these bowls with some tofu that I fry up with a little oil and soy sauce in a pan and some sweet potatoes that are cut in half, roasted at 425 for around 40 minutes, and brushed with honey butter. The vinaigrette and soy sauce and sesame oil on top are really what make this dish, and I absolutely love the marinated carrots. 10/10 recipe!

  119. Jaclyn

    I just made this for the 3rd or 4th time and it’s still delicious and amazing. That crispy rice is so good—I could just snack on it. Tonight’s version had bell peppers and carrots because that’s what was in my fridge, and it was just right.

    1. Rachel

      Poach the egg instead of frying, use less of the vinaigrette, or don’t crisp up the rice – but I wouldn’t recommend the last two.

  120. Jeannette

    This recipe is one of my favorites! Such simple, fresh ingredients come together to make a really satisfying and cozy dish. Thanks Deb!

  121. Nett

    Hey Deb, I’m a little confused on the oil. Are we using neutral oil in the dressing and for cooking the eggs, meaning the sesame is only for serving? Thanks!

  122. Liz Rivers

    I don’t know why but this is exactly what my morning-sick pregnant self needed today. Turned out stunning. Thanks Deb!

  123. Taylor

    FYI – We love this dish. We make it probably 2 or 3 times a month. We love adding a side of kimchi and it’s great for using whatever left over vegetables you have laying around in the fridge, either roasted or pickled.

  124. Anna S.

    This is the ultimate “something out of nothing” supper–the ingredients are all pantry staples for me, and super flavorful when they come together this way. Made it several times now–and I agree with the commenters who recommended trying it with a poached egg, and pickling the cucumber with the carrots; I did this with radish and it made me very happy! Farro also made a great sub for the rice, even when I didn’t crisp it the time I packed it all up as an office lunch.

  125. Jen

    So delicious. My husband thought I was a genius. I did explain I didn’t actually write the recipe but only followed the instructions. So good.

  126. Carol

    Oh lord this is delishhh!! I’m Korean and yes, it is def not bibimbap, but it DOES sate that type of craving in a whole new fantastic way! I just ate it and am looking forward to eating it again!
    If you happen to have toasted and seasoned seaweed sheets (yup, I’m Korean) I highly suggest cutting some into thin strips and mix it all in there…. Heaven!!

  127. Den

    Deb? I just made this for dinner tonight and it changed my life. Holy macaroni! It’s so good, so efficient (in clearing the fridge), so nutritious, so crispy (stuck-pot rice is revered in Cantonese cuisine), so balanced (the umami + salt + sweet + sour). You are a magician 😆

  128. Jamie

    Made the same Sam Sifton/David Chang Bo Ssam last week for husband’s birthday and then did something shockingly similar with the leftover sauces (Ssamjang is a revolution), microwave rice, and some tinned fish! Will definitely try this version because crisped rice>not crisped rice.

  129. Laura

    This recipe is life-changing and I am totally obsessed with it! I keep containers of rice, pickled vegetables, and vinaigrette in the fridge and make it as my lunch at least every other day. I also bought a big paella pan which allows me to crisp a lot of rice when I make this as a family dinner. I’ve tried it with every kind of rice, both cold from the fridge and straight from the rice cooker, and it turns out phenomenal every time. Thank you so much!