quick pasta and chickpeas

Pasta e ceci (pasta and chickpeas) is one of Rome’s most iconic dishes, the only dish so essential that it shows up on both Tuesdays and Fridays on the informal meal calendar.* And while there are no two matching ways to make it (a fine excuse to spend as many weeks in Rome as it takes to try them all, if you ask me), the rough guiding recipe principles are fairly consistent: a sautéed base of garlic, sometimes onion, celery and carrot too, and seasonings to which chickpeas, water or chickpea cooking broth, and pasta are added. Some are a more brothy like soup, some blend some chickpeas for a thicker base, some more herby with rosemary or sage, some are light and others are heavy on tomatoes. And then then came Victoria Granof’s version that took the internet by storm over the last couple years as word of it trickled out from her Chickpeas cookbook (which goes so far beyond hummus in ways that only a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and famous food stylist would think of) in the lovely Short Stack single ingredient cookbook series.

what you'll needwhat you'll need

I bet you think this means it will be complicated. It is, in fact, the opposite. Granof’s version has 5 ingredients, I bet every single one is in your pantry right now, and takes 20 minutes, which is why there’s no making it just once. We all need more 20-minute dinner magic in our lives, so it’s not surprising that it’s already made the web rounds from Food52 to Dinner: A Love Story.

add tomato pasteadd the rest

It could also be argued that there’s little I can add to it: why mess with perfection? But I found two little things along the way: The first is that the first time I decided I wanted to make it (you know, 5 minutes after reading about it; this recipe has that effect on people) I discovered that I didn’t have any small pasta around except for little rings familiar to anyone who ate or wish they got to eat (me!) Spaghetti-Os growing up, the little Os are an official pasta shape called annellini. Did I originally buy them with vague aspirations of reverse engineering the canned stuff? You betcha. But after I saw how quickly my children gobbled this similar-looking dish up (and it’s so great in a thermos for lunch too, so go ahead and double it), I am glad I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

a-simmeringa little extra

The second thing is a little extra finish that I do when I have a minute or two more to spare. Rather than just drizzling olive oil on top, as is traditional, I love to heat it with some additional chopped garlic, minced rosemary leaves, salt and pepper flakes for a minute for a nutty, flavorful, slightly crispy, and dramatically sizzling finish, and alternative to the usual parmesan or pecorino, which is not unwelcome here, just not nearly as dynamic.

* Please note: 80% of what I know about Roman cooking, and particularly pasta e ceci, I’ve learned from the fantastic Rachel Roddy; please do not miss her Guardian column, blog, or books but be warned you might buy tickets to Rome five minutes later, which is essentially what we did in 2013. (The other 10% is from non-Roddy Roman food writers and the remaining 10% was gleaned on that vacation.)

quick pasta con ceci

Quick Pasta and Chickpeas / Pasta e Ceci

Want to amp it up a little? Use the broth from freshly cooked chickpeas instead of water (although I promise it won’t be one-note if you only use water because this recipe is magic). You could also add a parmesan rind to the cooking liquid (although this would negate the vegan/vegetarian label). I’ve written it below with the finishing oil the way I like it, but I approach this by holding back a little bit of the recommended garlic and oil and saving it for the end. Should you want to make it as Granof originally wrote it, you’ll want 3 cloves of garlic and 4 tablespoons of oil to begin; the dish is finished with additional olive oil only.

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste
  • Freshly ground black pepper or red pepper flakes, to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas (from one 15-ounce can, drained and rinsed)
  • 1/2 cup (2 ounces or 55 grams) uncooked ditalini pasta (or another small shape; I use annelini)
  • 2 cups (475 ml) boiling water (update: actually I just use tap, not boiled, water)
  • To finish
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil (estimate 1 per serving)
  • 1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon minced fresh rosemary
  • Salt and red pepper flakes

In a medium-large heavy-bottomed pot or deep saute pan, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil until it shimmers. Add 2 smashed cloves of garlic and cook, stirring until it becomes lightly, barely browned but very fragrant. Stir in the tomato paste, salt, and pepper and cook them with the garlic for 30 seconds or so. Add the chickpeas, pasta, and boiling water. Stir to scrape up any browned bits on the bottom of the pot, lower the heat, and simmer until the pasta is cooked and a lot of the liquid has been absorbed, about 15 to 20 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning and ladle into bowls.

Make finishing oil: Heat 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil in a small sauce- or frying pan over medium-low heat with remaining clove of garlic, rosemary, a pinch or two of salt and pepper flakes, until sizzling; pull it off the heat as soon as the garlic is going to start taking on color. Drizzle this over bowls of pasta e ceci and eat it right away.

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547 comments on quick pasta and chickpeas

    1. Family favorite is to add some frozen green peas (fresh are better), 2 cups ; 1 cup of your favorite tomato sauce with chick peas. Grate Romano cheese over all in plates to suit ones taste. We use shell macaroni they “trap” the peas and sauce.

      1. Jill

        Are you supposed to cover the pan during the 15-20 minutes of simmering or leave it uncovered? I read the recipe and comments a few times looking for that clarification but didn’t see it.

        1. Jo

          Uncovered I just watched Amanda Hess on Food 52 instagram making this which is why I came to Deb’s site to see how she does it. Wish I had bought garbanzo beans but store is all out.

        2. amliag

          Made it, was as good as it sounded. I reduced the oil as that’s a lot of calories just in oil. Not sure how it serves more than one person, but I did run today so maybe I’m just extra hungry?
          The people asking about left overs don’t need to ask though!!

  1. waywardbloggers

    Oh man, my first thought was *grown-up Spaghetti-os?! YESSS* but this recipe looks good as well.

    (But please don’t let that deter you from trying to replicate my memories of that childhood goodness in a can. I tried it again as an adult and it wasn’t as good as I remembered)

  2. superreddog

    This looks wonderful! And perfect for my budding (and always hungry) 15 year old cook. I’ve only got slightly largely pasta in the house, so here’s hoping it works with that too.

    1. Amy

      I’ve been making this since Food52 put this recipe online, and honestly, I prefer it with (what Goya labels as) “small white beans”. So I’m sure it would be good with cannelini too.

        1. Sara

          Thanks for this suggestion! I made it tonight and my kids loved the flavor but rejected most of the chickpeas due to texture issues (my reminding them that they love hummus was unhelpful). I think they’d take to it better with smaller softer beans. Me, I loved it as is.

          1. Denese

            My kids love most beans except chickpeas…I wonder if lentils would work, being so small they might prove impossible or undesirable to pick out.

    2. Jess

      Aside from that making it pasta e fagioli instead of pasta e ceci, I don’t see why cannelini wouldn’t be a great substitute! In fact, I’m tempted to go that route as I’m really only a fan of chickpeas when I get in a certain mood.

      1. I agree. Canellini beans are a bit creamier which I think might work even better here!
        Next time I’m going to try it with fresh sage instead of rosemary to see what happens.

      2. Barbara

        What I did was as this was cooking, I used a large spoon to mash the chick peas in the pan. It took away from the slimy texture of the chick peas and tasted delicious !!!

    3. genacash

      i mean …. as italian-americans, we grew up eating this! its perfection in a meal! we always always used cannelini beans and ditalini pasta but i would like to try it with the chick peas

  3. I really appreciate that this is the first pasta e ceci recipe I’ve seen that doesn’t use anchovies. I’ve tried in the past and omitting the anchovies there was always something missing for a well-rounded flavour, they always came out bland. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to give it another try!

    1. deb

      It should keep fine and leftovers should freeze, my only concern is that the pasta might get mushy when reheated. And you might need some extra liquid to loosen it if the pasta and/or chickpeas absorb as they sit.

  4. Nicholle

    Oh, a twist to our usual pasta e fagioli (or as my fellow Jersey Italians would, “patsa fazool”)! Thanks for what is sure to be another Meatless Friday staple.

  5. Grey

    My first thought when I saw the title was “I hope she gives a nod to Rachel Roddy.”

    My second thought was “I should make this today.”

  6. laurie lisovich

    we made this tonight. delicious! we added a few spoons of harissa for a bit of spice, touch of extra tomato paste, plus finely chopped 2 carrots and celery. will definitely make it again!

  7. Hm! My family is from the vicinity of Salerno, and this is very similar to our pasta e fagioli…replacing the chickpeas with roman or cannellini beans and using a short tube/shell shape (or broken up spaghetti in a pinch), I always love mine more on the soupy side. A great recipe to stretch out some leftover tomato sauce that isn’t enough on its own.

    Our version of pasta with chickpeas is just chickpeas with garlic and crushed red pepper, so it’s a dry “sauce”.

    1. roxlet

      My mother’s family was from near Salerno as well, and my mother’s version was made with tomato juice as opposed to tomato paste, as I mention downthread.

  8. Holly

    I have to know if you took the time to remove the skins from the chickpeas for this. I agree it turns homemade hummus from good to transcendent, but am curious if they matter in this dish (can you tell I want to be lazy?).

  9. I love cooking with chickpeas and sadly most recipes call for them to be tossed into a cold dish. I have a traditional simple Spanish tapas recipe with sauteed chickpeas, onions and tomatoes. I love the way they come out so creamy when cooked. I can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yes! I’ve been obsessed with Granoff’s recipe for about six months now, and sometimes was up to making it nearly once a week. It truly is a magic trick — turning water into so much depth of flavor. Your post inspired me to run and make it for lunch today, with your garlic / chile / rosemary addition. I was worried the rosemary would be overpowering but it was really very subtle. That said, for me, part of the magic of this is the one-pot-ness, so in the future I might just add a sprig of rosemary to the pot at the beginning and call it a day! :-)

  11. clare

    This is one of my favorite recipes of all time. Moosewood has a recipe that I learned to make when just out of college and subsiding on pasta and too poor to buy meat. Insanely delicious and as a matter of fact, I am making this for an Italian themed cooking club this Sunday….I will have to try the oil drizzle!!!

    1. lp

      I was thinking about adding spinach. Usually I pour the hot pasta dish onto fresh spinach and let it wilt; would that work here? Or is better to cook it with the rest?

  12. Melissa

    Just wondering if your little ones liked this? I’m always looking for dishes that look yummy and that the little humans in my life will also eat. Thank you. LOVE you!

      1. How did you have leftovers???I doubled the recipe to feed 5 and was sure lunches would be taken care of. No such luck. Everyone loved it and sopped
        Up the sauce with bread. (2 kids – they loved it!)

          1. Naomi

            I’ve been making this recipe ever since I saw it on Food 52 and I always double it. Works perfectly! I don’t think the time even needed to be adjusted!

  13. Francoise

    I love this dish! I make a Cook’s Illustrated version that my family and I all love. Will definitely be trying this version. Congrats on the book!!

  14. Abs

    Rachel Roddy’s version of this recipe is the dish we make most often in our house, to the point that we don’t even use the recipe anymore.

    Two things that we have picked up:

    1) If you have one of those little cans of tomato paste, you can really just use the whole can and it will be very nice and you won’t have to deal with part of a can hanging around.
    2) The parmesan rind MAKES IT. We have a bunch in the freezer. My husband has taken to blending part of it up with the chickpeas (Rachel’s recipe has you puree some of them, which makes the texture lovely). Seriously, the rind is magic.

    I’ll definitely try the finishing oil next time we make this. Which will probably be within a week.

  15. mahri

    This sounds simple and delicious… but since my pantry has fish sauce and sesame oil, I’m tempted to add a dash of the former and finish with the latter.

    sorry for the missing word!

  16. Anupama

    Hi, I was craving creamy pasta once but the only thing I could find at home was some hummus. So, I mixed it in. Delish! Do you know if there is an authentic dish like this?

    1. june2

      I don’t know but I used to stir fire-roasted baba ganoush into pasta all the time – it is similar to hummus and also delicious, try it!

    2. deb

      Not hummus per se but it’s not uncommon to blend some of the chickpea/soupy sauce to make it smooth and thicken it more. It’s all personal preference.

  17. erineaguayo

    I read about this at 3 p.m., and had dinner ready, from dried chickpeas, by 7. This is a miracle food. Shaved some parmesan on top, toasted some bread to dip, the end. I think our winter table will be seeing more of this… Forgot to make the salad; no one missed it. I often make a version of this out of Jamie Oliver’s Italian cookbook, which has a base of long-cooked onion and celery and rosemary then ditalini and chickpeas–no tomatoes. I like the Spaghetti-O nature of this more. Thanks for sharing!

      1. If you get them out of the can, as described, they’re cooked. You can put them into the recipe. It’s the pasta that needs cooking, and only for the 15-20 min stated.

        If you want to use chickpeas bought dry, they take a long time to cook. Usual procedure is to soak overnight, and then they take forever, 3 hours?, I don’t remember. I’ve been doing them in a pressure cooker, where they take some 45 minutes. (I’m a bit phobic about pressure cookers, I’m always waiting for them to explode, so I do Not enjoy this part!)

        Honestly, just buy the can. If Deb can do it, so can we! :D

          1. deb

            I have a recent post just about cooking dreamy chickpeas, which you can use as a guide. I agree it can be done easily in a pressure cooker. I just got an InstantPot and did a black bean soup in it from dried beans last night in 30, nothing scary about it because of all of the safety mechanisms; chickpeas might need 40 to 45, less if they were pre-soaked.

            1. I’ve been eyeing the InstantPot (and variants) for the last month. I am so skeptical of the all-in-one it-is-so-magic so-much-better-than-a-slow-cooker that I hesitate and yet I have stared at shiny Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cookers for so long that I know I want/need a make dinner for family easy thingamajig. So what are your thoughts? Also, I normally dislike the slow cooker because I feel like flavor is often the same (or that it takes flavor out) unless you babysit the thing…and then what is the point. Okay, there are some exceptions to that, but they are rare. Anyway, is the Instant Pot worth it, Deb? Also, which one? Thanks as always!

              1. The Zojirushi rice cooker definitely makes nice rice but being able to make rice in a flash as you are preparing dinner is priceless so I use the instant pot now. And yes, I have made some things in the instant pot that I felt would have been better cooked slowly over the stove.

              2. Helen in CA

                Mixed results are in as far as substitute for a slow-cooker….. but wonderful as a pressure cooker. All sorts of digital safety features, as Deb said.

      2. june2

        I’ve discovered that cooking canned garbanzo’s in water to cover until they are even more tender brings every dish I use them in to the next level. An extra step but highly recommended!

      3. erineaguayo

        I do a quick-soak method–rinse, cover with water, bring to a boil for a minute or two, cover and let sit at least an hour, as long as a few hours. I brined them by tossing a few teaspoons of salt into the water after I turned off the heat, then rinsed them and added fresh water for cooking. They cook up in less than an hour from that point, with very little attention.

  18. Karen Farber

    Ahhh this made me both really hungry and makes me want to plan a trip back to Rome! I think I’ll start by trying this recipe next week :) Soooo good!

  19. YD

    Thanks for doing another vegan/veg recipe :) Made this tonight and it turned out wonderfully! So easy to make with the ingredients on hand.

    1. deb

      Well, I just played around with mine last night for the first time so I am very very much not an expert but my hunch is that it would take longer than it does on the stove.

      1. Lindsay S

        If you started by adding boiling water, I really doubt it. The standard pasta cooking rule in the IP is to cook at high pressure for 1/2 the amount of time specified on the package, so after sautéing the garlic in the pot and adding the other ingredients I’d likely just turn it on manual for 4 minutes. A 10 minute natural pressure release before doing a quick release for the rest and you’d be done. It might not save any time, but except the first 5 minutes or so would be completely unattended so you could be playing with your cutie urchins or having a glass of wine or whatever while it was cooking. :)

  20. Claudia

    This was a Pasta Dream come true. I ended up tripling the recipe as I have 5 little ones, and everyone inhaled it in an instant. The only change I made was to use parsley, as I just don’t care for rosemary. This recipe will be a regular on our lunch menu.

  21. Alice K.

    Loved this! Was wondering what to make for dinner when Deb’s email came with this recipe. Perfect timing. I may have let too much liquid cook off, but it was great nevertheless. I used a “pipette” pasta (spelling may be off), which is very small curled horn-shapes, since I had them on hand.

  22. Margaret L

    I made this last night, and even my “No Sauce EVER” 5-year-old Picky McPickerson wolfed it. I mostly stuck to the recipe, but we didn’t have the cute little O’s pasta, so I used some “gnocchi,” which wasn’t exactly gnocchi in my book, just shell-shaped pasta, but whatevs. It was delicious. Thank you. Long-time fan of everything you do, Deb. You’re an inspiration and a delight.

  23. roxlet

    My mother routinely made this for dinner, but instead of using tomato paste, which tends to be somewhat sweet due to being so concentrated, she used tomato juice. Actually, she used tomato juice a lot for her lighter pasta dishes — pasta con ceci, pasta con piselli, pasta fagioli. And for us, it was never a meal but only a primi served before the main event, which was inevitably followed by a salad.

  24. Lauren

    On my way out for chickpeas. Also making the cover recipe from Cookbook #1… the biscuits alone were worth the price of that book, not to mention all the other recipes we now adore. Can’t wait for book #2.

  25. Dede H

    Wow! This looks like dinner tonight. I’ll put my pot of dried chickpeas in the oven to cook slowly while I take my tomato plants out of the garden (crying, all the while). It’s suddenly too cold and wet in Portland, OR for them to grow much. Then I will have a simple delicious bowl of yummy goodness and a salad of bitter greens (which are still growing just fine). Thank you!

  26. Stephanie

    Just made this and it is delicious! It made everyone happy, especially my 8 year old and my 15 year old vegan. Love one pot cooking. Comfort in a bowl.

  27. Anne in Yardley

    this might be just the thing for our office potluck next week. Any ideas on keeping / reheating without a stovetop? Possibly cook a double batch the night before, cool, transfer to a crock pot, and let that reheat the next day? Or would the pasta turn to absolute mush? Thanks.

    1. deb

      I think the pasta might turn to mush if too long, but you can help sidestep that by keeping it a minute undercooked. Also, you might need some extra liquid as the chickpeas and pasta will absorb as they sit.

  28. Zoe M

    Hi Deb! I’m wondering what you would serve alongside this if you were to have it for a casual dinner party?
    P.S. Can’t wait for your book signing in NYC later this month!

    1. deb

      Thank you! Not sure if the party is vegetarian or not but cannot go wrong with, say, grilled sausages and maybe garlic-rubbed grilled bread or toast (or garlic bread; or tomato bread). Or you can make bowls with some sauteed greens half-stirred and let people put an egg on it.

  29. Jai

    I had this one my first night in Rome. 2014 . It was a very comforting dish. When I got home I looked up a recipe and a potful.

  30. Lane

    I made the Food52 version of this a while ago and thought it was frightfully bland. But I haven’t give up hope yet! Plan on making your version soon :)

  31. Juli

    This recipe looked so good, I made it for a friend for lunch, and then I made it all over again for my husband and me for dinner! Two notes: 1)Your recipe says it serves 2-3. I’m not a huge eater, but I’d say your recipe makes more like one generous serving. I doubled it for my hubby and me for dinner, and there was a bit left over for me to enjoy w/ lunch the next day. 2)I tossed a box of baby spinach in at the end and stirred it just long enough to wilt the spinach. The bright green was gorgeous against the orange-red sauce, and I basically had a one-pot meal. No need for a side (although a salad might’ve been nice, too). LOVE this recipe! A keeper!

    1. I agree with the quantity. It didn’t go far enough for the three of us. Next time, and there will definitely be one, I will double the recipe. Love the idea of adding baby spinach as well. This recipe is a keeper!

    2. Laura in CA

      I would second this. I’m making it again right now and doubling it. I shared this recipe on FB and stated “recipe serves 2 – 3 but I could easily eat almost the entire pan; doubling would be a good idea.”

      1. Alexandra

        Thank you Deb for introducing me to this lovely Roman dish. But, yes I also really struggled with the serving guide (‘serves 2-3’). I doubled the recipe for four people for dinner and found it only made about three portions. Despite adding additional pasta and some broth to attempt to stretch it further my three guests all asked for a little more and I had none left to offer! If serving for a hearty evening meal as a stand alone dish I’d personally estimate the recipe serves 1-2.

      2. Mira

        I always double (or triple) every recipe I come across, Smitten Kitchen or otherwise, on principle. I’ve found “serves 2-3” must refer to imaginary people on a strict calorie- and joy-restricted diet, because I can pretty much always eat that by myself.

  32. Karina Seppi

    Just made it! So good and so simple! My kids ate it up like they would never see food again and my husband did likewise. I used a chickpea pasta I had on hand. I was amazed how tomato-y the sauce is with so little tomato. We will make it again.

  33. Jamie Kamenitzer

    My grandmother (Italian-American from NJ) used to make something very similar with canellini beans and ditalini pasta and it was one of my favorites as a kid. Looking forward to trying this version!!

  34. Jill

    this is reminiscent of your previous post, ‘pasta with white beans and garlic-rosemary oil’, which I love and make often. Can’t wait to try the chickpea version!

  35. putnamk

    I made this, except for the garnish. And with white beans. What a dead simple little bit of magic! And it really does reheat well!

  36. Yvette

    We had this yesterday for dinner. I liked it, but I maybe changed too much (wrong kind of tomato paste?wrong shape of pasta? I don’t know) because we weren’t super excited by this, even with the oil. But maybe my expectations were just too high, as I’m regularly cooking your recipes and never disappointed :)

    Some considerations: The portions were definitely too small for us (2 medium sized Dutch adults), but with a side salad it would probably be enough. Also, I’m wondering: shouldn’t 2 cups be more like double the 275ml?

    1. Elia

      Yes, Yvette, the 275 mL does need to be adjusted. I noticed that as well when I started measuring the water.
      The recipe as written feeds two adults as a light dinner and a side. My husband and I loved this soup. Will definitely double next time. I made with ditalini, but will try to find the annelini since they are so cute.

      This recipe was incredibly easy and delicious. We added the hot flavored oil at the end that made it taste even better.

      Thanks again, Deb. ** See you in Chicago!!**

  37. Janet

    Deb, do you know Elizabeth Minchilli’s blog from Rome? I recently bought her book about eating in Rome…a combination of restaurant recommendations and recipes. I recommend it! P.s. I can’t wait until you book, ordered months ago, arrives at my house.

  38. This was tasty! Used a touch of red pepper flakes and was wonderful. The only small-ish pasta I had were mini elbows. This slightly had me worried for the outcome, but I really wanted to make the soup, turned out just fine. Will be making this again. Will try with home cooked chickpeas if possible. And will make as a double batch. Toddler and baby friendly for sure.

  39. So delicious! I used wide egg noodles since I didn’t have any small pasta, and it worked great. Added the Parmesan rind and just tossed some chopped fresh rosemary into it at the start and topped with freshly grated Parmesan rather than making the finishing oil (will try that next time.) Served with a garden salad and some good bread – was just right for 2. Husband loved it so much he was disappointed that there wasn’t more, but he admitted it was only because it was so good, not that he was still hungry. He would happily eat this twice a week. Or more.

  40. Hillary

    We made this tonight. Instead of water I used vegetable broth and instead of rosemary, fresh Italian parsley. Along side some crusty, grilled sourdough bread drizzled with your finishing oil. It’s comforting food and so simple to put together.

    Next time, I’m going to crack a couple of raw eggs into the dish and finish in the oven. While we were fawning over the dish, my hubby said an egg would take this dish over the a goood way!

      1. Julie

        Camping! Genius! Two and a half years later and facing a questionable camping season, I’m thanking you! I am vegan and always looking for clever and delicious camping recipes. You have officially made my day.

  41. sarahrichelleblog

    I never knew that pasta and chickpeas was actually a normal dish in Italy as I have this all the time :) I usually have pasta with chickpeas because of being vegetarian the chickpeas give me the protein I need but its interesting to read about where it actually comes from and the different ingredients you can add to it. I will try this next time I make it!

  42. NJ cook

    Doesn’t cooking the pasta in the sauce mean you’re eating all the starch? More pots, but better to parboil the pasta in water first and add to sauce to finish? Or does the starch not flow out into the sauce the way it does in boiling water?

    1. Sally

      This is something Italians don’t worry about. You can certainly cook the pasta separately, but, trust me, the end product is very different and not nearly as good.

  43. Jung Yoon

    Wow a total failure on my part. The pasta in the end absorbed all the liquid so the whole thing became a mushy mess. I probably should have taken it off the stove, out of the pot, and into bowls when the past was barely cooked. Instead I let it sit in the pot and by the time I went to serve it, it was not a pretty site.

  44. My sister and I made this tonight and it was soooo good! I added some paprika and nutritional yeast to it as well. Thanks for posting this, we loved it! It will be fun to play around with adding different spices to it too!

  45. I made this for dinner last night and we enjoyed it. I made the following modifications:
    I used small shell pasta as I was unable to find rings. I also used a full cup of dry pasta.
    I am unable to eat garlic so I substituted just a pinch of garlic powder along with dried chiles.
    I didn’t prepare the finishing oil but rather topped with a generous helping of freshly rated grana padano.
    My partner and I both enjoyed the dish and as prepared above it was perfect for the two of us. I also prepared 1/3 of your harvest chicken recipe for him (I don’t eat meat) to accompany this dish. We enjoyed both and he liked the two together.

  46. Garbannezo

    I made this and it was simple and amazing. The only thing I would suggest was watching th cooking time. My pasta was fully cooked in 5 minutes so if I left it for 20 minutes it would of been very mushy. Other than that this was the simplest thing I ever cooked! So it will be a fixture for sure! Thanks Deb!

  47. Eva

    I make this regularly, but with one adaption: I usually sautee a chopped eggplant for 5min or so with plenty of olive oil before moving on to the additional steps.

  48. Jenny

    Made this for dinner last night with ditalini and the finishing oil. So good. Going into the regular dinner rotation around here. Thank you!

  49. Made this last night and craving it again already. Next time I will definitely double the recipe- I ate all of it by myself as it wasn’t quite enough for a full dinner + leftovers… So easy, quick and delicious!

  50. Used gluten-free small elbows. I was amazed at how good this was for being so simple. The sizzling olive oil finish makes it 100x better and is unskippable. I found I wanted a little more water to make it properly saucy. Meant to top with some pecorino romano, forgot, but didn’t miss it.

  51. AWads

    This dish has been in our regular family (of 3) rotation for a couple of years now. It’s a Meatless Monday go-to! I always double it (leftovers are amazing) but I add more olive oil than you do. Still, it is certainly magical!

  52. lem

    Hi Deb,

    This was a great weeknight meal and so tasty. A few things I did:
    1) Double the recipe! I made it as is and it didn’t seem like a lot so quickly made a second batch to have enough for lunch the next day.
    2) Added a small amount of ground chicken sausage which was great.
    3) Used sage instead of rosemary (since that’s what we had) for the herb oil and it tasted great. Don’t skip the finishing oil, it makes the dish!
    4) Agree with using a can of tomato paste (especially if you double the recipe). I like a little extra sauce since it’s so tasty.
    5) Our pasta cooked up pretty quickly but perhaps depends on what type of pasta you used (we used wagon wheel shaped pasta)

    Thanks again for a great dish!

  53. Sarah

    This is not only on my weekly rotation but I tweaked it the seon night by using mushrooms chunked up instead of chick peas (we had run out) and aded thick slices of zucchini in the last few minutes. I also added parmesan rind.

    It is absolutely delicious and so forgivingly impressive to have ready for the homecoming worker.

  54. Karen

    I just made this about 30 minutes ago. Amazing. Because I can’t resist a tiny tinker, I added a teaspoon of anchovy paste to the sauté (when one finds anchovy paste in a tube in one’s small southern Virginia town, one keeps it on hand 😀) and a sprig of thyme to the simmer – both ingredients on hand so no trip to the store. The resident teenage boy had to have an advance bowl before dinner.

  55. This was so delicious and it came together so quickly. I doubled it, took the suggestion to add a couple parm rinds to the boiling water and kept them in the pasta + beans + tomato mixture until we ate. It was so worth it. So flavorful, filling and comforting. In Deb we trust!

  56. Erica

    Jamie Oliver’s version of this dish has been a staple in my kitchen. Slow sautee fresh chopped rosemary with the onion & garlic, then add chickpeas, broth, then pasta at the end. I look forward to trying this recipe! Such a great economical dinner!

  57. Patricia

    This saved my bacon yesterday after being trapped at home with the baby and a sick kid. It was delicious! The finishing oil added just the right note of herbs and crunch.

  58. Sarah

    Fast, cheap, tasty, and nutritious! Hits all the buttons! I doubled the recipe, added a little cumin and lemon juice to brighten the flavor, plus a little spinach. I have a feeling this one will be a regular in the fall/winter rotation!

  59. Angela

    This is incredible. Honestly, I think I will be making I at least once a week from now until the end of time – it is magical! How can something so simple be so delicious. I made it exactly as described, with the oil to finish, and licked my bowl.

  60. Stephanie

    This was wonderful, I doubled it in order to have more leftovers for lunch and got about 5 small servings or 4 average ones. The only thing I added was a squeeze of lemon at the end!

  61. Lauren Schmidt

    I am ashamed and a little proud to say I ate this entire recipe myself (I only ate breakfast today!), and it will definitely become a regular in my rotation. It’s amazing!

  62. Elisabeth in Vienna

    This was another amazing and incredibly quick dinner. We all loved it. Thanks Deb, you never disappoint!
    Two, 55g pasta seems a shockingly small amount for 2-3. I doubled it and we still only had enough because our 7 year old was about to lose an incisor and refused to eat anything.
    How do you crush the garlic? With your hands? The side of a knife?

    1. deb

      The side of a knife, I usually smash it then break it up more with the spoon or spatula. Glad it was a hit. If we double it, it usually feeds the four of us plus leftovers for a lunchbox or two, but I do hear from others that our portions might run on the small side. (I blame this book and all of its talk about plate sizes!)

        1. deb

          Actually I have gotten so many responses about the serving size suggestion, I’ve changed it now to “2 to 3 petitely, 1 to 2, generously” which is hopefully a better guide. It doesn’t much matter if we eat it in smaller portions if nobody else seems to; I’d rather the suggestion be accurate. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. mks

      I try really hard not to do substitutions until I’ve made your recipes once as written, but tonight i used zaatar and feta instead of rosemary and parm and it was incredibly delicious!😊

  63. cynthia

    Although I tweaked the recipe to what I had on hand such as roasted red peppers instead of tomato paste and pinto beans with a jalapenos instead of chick peas, the dish was still fantastic and so easy. I made it in no time and I am sure leftovers will taste just as good

  64. Very yummy! I made this with actually two big changes: I more than doubled the recipe with two cans of beans (one of cannellini and one of chick peas), and I used tortellini for the pasta, which increased the total cooking time, but made for a really delicious dish. The finishing sauce gives this dish a really bright, fresh flavor.

    I will make it again.

  65. This looks so interestingly similar to the recipe for Egyptian Koshary that I sent you last week. Koshary has a rice-lentil base and vinegar dressing that this doesn’t but the mix of ditalini, tomato and chick peas is very reminiscent. Hope you get a chance to try the Koshary sometime. If your family likes this it will surely enjoy Koshary, though it requires a bit more prep time.

  66. Ann

    Question re: cooking with parmesan rind. The one time I tried this, I ended up with melted cheese glued to my stockpot, and then thoroughly imbedded in the kitchen sponge I used to clean it off (and which I subsequently threw out). I haven’t done it since because the mess outweighed the benefits. What am I doing wrong?

  67. I’ve made this three times in the last week! My toddler loves it. I sometimes add a pinch of chilli flakes or some mixed dried herbs. I make it with stock rather than water. Good to see another fan or Rachel Roddy – her column in the Guardian makes me want to visit Rome again so much!

  68. Alicia

    I liked this even better with the chickpeas partially mashed, next time I might over cook them on purpose. In the morning I fried an egg in the remnants of the garlic/Rosemary oil and topped the leftovers with it, the runny yolk mixed in with the sauce was (unsurprisingly) really good.

  69. My only regret is that there wasn’t enough for a second (or third) bowl. Next time I will increase the quantity! I subbed half chicken stock instead of water and added about a tablespoon of grated pecorino to deepen the flavor.

  70. Christian

    I made this tonight with the intention of saving half for lunch tomorrow, but then I ate the entire thing in one sitting. It is SO tasty and deceptively simple to make. Definitely a secret-weapon recipe to keep in your back pocket.

    Another great one from this site!

  71. Em

    We’ll definitely make this again–it was delicious. Thank you! We doubled it and got 5 servings. Added a parm rind with the water and 2 C. of chopped spinach to wilt in the sauce at the end.

  72. Debbie

    Hi Deb,

    This has turned out fabulously but did you mean 470ml of water instead of 275ml? My measuring cup shows 235ml is equal to 1 cup of water so I think the ml amount needs to be doubled.

    1. Claudia

      I have made this several times now, tripling the recipe each time, and use 825ml of water, which would confirm the 275ml in the original recipe. It comes out perfect every time.

    1. Kat

      I think more important than cooking time (easy to measure/control) is making sure the oil isn’t too hot, especially since Deb’s instructions (i.e. Granof’s) don’t specify the heat intensity. I had my burner at medium and when it appeared the oil was “shimmering,” I tossed the garlic in, only for all the garlic to immediately fry on contact, and I had to start over. So I suggest medium-low and to be patient even if the oil doesn’t seem quite hot enough initially when you add the garlic. Took ~3-4 minutes.

  73. Elaine

    I loved this! I added celery chopped to look like tiny boomerangs. If I make this next week, I’ll use some squash. I tried it with rosemary and today enjoyed it as leftovers without. The parmesan rind was an amazing addition!

    Also, I used Trader Joe’s Trofie Colore macaroni and it held up really well! Beautiful, subtle colors, and al dente even after day 2.

  74. I made this with friends recently and it was amazing! Didn’t sound like it was going to be but it was! Because there was a group there were no leftovers – does it reheat well/make for good leftovers or not? Any tips if we’re hoping to stretch it over a few days?

  75. Betsy

    I made this a couple of days ago – I am so hungry for fall and the recipe seemed like it would invoke cooler temperatures. Well, the outside thermostat held firm at 85 (I’m in Miami) but this simple dish was absolutely delicious! YUM!

  76. Katherine

    This is delicious and so easy! I broke spaghetti noodles into short pieces and it is just right! I could eat the whole pot by myself.

  77. Just had this for dinner, amazing!! The pasta and chickpeas were so creamy and full of flavor. Made a few modifications as I was cooking with GF pasta (can get mushy easily) – cooked the pasta most of the way separately, while the chickpeas, tomato paste etc. cooked on low. Then added the pasta and about 1.5 cups of the pasta water and cooked all of that together another few minutes. Will be making again!

  78. MB

    A delicious, practically $2 meal that served a family of 5 in 20 minutes and the whole family liked it? This isn’t cooking, it’s magic! THANKS, DEB!

  79. Sally

    I first learned about the Roman meal calendar from Rachel Roddy and Jeannie Marshall, a Canadian expat also living in Rome and author of The Lost Art of Feeding Kids, She recommends Rachel’s book Five Quarters/My Kitchen in Rome for recipes that are examples of how Italians feed kids.

    I love Rachel’s column in The Guardian — as well as her books and blog.

    I finally made this last night and it was delicious! The only thing I’ll do differently next time is to use more pasta — not so much to stretch it but because I prefer more pasta. If I use chickpeas that I’ve cooked I’ll definitely use some of the cooking liquid because it’s so tasty.

  80. Amy

    Made as written (with the parm rind) and we loved it. So simple but flavorful and one pot!! Skipped the finishing oil but next time will have to try it! Had roasted green beans with parmesan and garlic bread as sides. Thank you for a great recipe!

  81. Cara

    This recipe is so good and luxurious, and easy and quick to boot. I used dried rosemary in the sauce and basil in the finishing sauce and it was perfect. Agree with other commenters – the recipe makes more like 1 and 1/2 ish large servings.

  82. yaeld

    Echoing the raves for this one. Like others, I added a parmesan rind and also used lots of chopped garlic with the tomato paste rather than just a couple crushed cloves. Also added some oregano and Italian seasoning to the sauce. Have to also agree that as written this is not enough for more than two people as a main; luckily I doubled it. I managed to find the spaghettio shaped pasta at an Italian grocer’s / fresh pasta shop and thought it made for a fun change. In fact,I think this recipe could used a higher pasta to sauce ratio and next time I think I will add extra with the same sauce recipe. Overall, a great recipe to begin that can easily be tweaked if you’re into more bold flavor. I made the oil and thought it added a lot so don’t skip that. Oh yeah, also added half a bag of baby arugula to the finished dish and let it wilt, borrowing from the baby spinach idea of others.

  83. Charity

    I made this for supper last night and am seriously considering making it again for lunch today, that’s just how good it is!!
    The finishing oil is amazing!

  84. shelly

    I do refrigerate the soaked chick peas

    With our 2 year old granddaughter she loved them fired In evvo with ferro kale and broccoli seasoning with smoked paprika turmeric and garlic salt…
    She loves my hummus too and gazpacho with plenty of ingredients

  85. Ro

    This was excellent! Simple on effort but huge on taste. Pay attention to the serving size. My only regret is that I didn’t double or triple the recipe for my brood.

  86. Hi Deb, I bet this tastes amazing, but sadly I’m really picky about beans and peas – I only like black beans in chili and burritos, not a big fan of chickpeas or white beans (I know, I’m nuts) I’m sure black beans would change the flavor, but do you think they’d taste good here? And if so, would you cook them any differently?

  87. Oh my goodness, do I need to make this. We’re anticipating some colder weather in the middle of next week, and I think I’m going to have to make this for lunch when that happens.

  88. Marissa

    This was absolutely incredible, I subbed out some homemade sundried tomato paste and orecchiette pasta because that’s what I had on hand and it was perfect! I added a fried egg on top as well and I am now addicted to this recipe.

  89. Deb, this is astonishingly good. So ridiculously easy AND amazing (and makes my little apartment smell like a nirvana for the nose). Thanks so much! You never cease to amaze. (Btw, I made it with both black pepper AND pepper flakes, and used the old parmesan rind–perfect!)

  90. Sarah

    I have made this 3 times since you posted the recipe :) I have yet to find cute little pasta shapes but have used whole wheat linguine instead, breaking it into 2 inch sticks and cooking just as long as needed. I also added lots of chopped frozen spinach the last time I made it….to make me feel better about eating giant bowls of pasta twice in one week. This is a hit with my toddler too so it will be a regular in our meal rotation. So good!!

  91. A

    Delicious. Ate the whole batch myself in one sitting, no regrets. Note: when using regular coarse sea salt instead of kosher, reduce more than you’d think. A tiny bit on the salty side on my first try, but still great. All the more reason to make it again…

  92. Taylor

    This is so good! I had been thinking of it since I saw it on Instagram but didn’t have any canned chickpeas or the time to cook dried ones until today! I love it and will be keeping some chickpeas and tomato paste in the pantry for next time (which will be soon). :) It has a lot of flavor for so few ingredients and I love the black pepper in this!

  93. mixed6reed

    I’ve made this twice in the past month because it’s so easy and delicious. I’ve been too lazy to make the finishing oil either time, but it still tastes great!

  94. Helen

    I have made this twice in two days. The second time I doubled the pasta (don’t judge!) and this will go into my regular rotation. Comfort food at its finest.

  95. Charlotte W. Sucik

    I have no suggested tips or complaints. I just wanted to tell you that I made this last night after the day had long since been shot to hell, and let me tell you what, it almost cured me. I mean, it was so flippin’ good. I was a little resentful that my husband liked it too, and I had to share.
    It came together just as quickly and easily as you said (sorry Deb, this is not always true in your recipes) and it was better than I could ever have imagined. I didn’t have fresh rosemary, but I threw in some dried with the garlic and a copious amount of red pepper flakes, and the finish was divine.
    I will make this again, many times, before I die.

    1. Charlotte

      S***t! Deb (and Deb’s social media/web team) I’m sorry that I am an adult woman who has years of experience using and commenting on the internet, but could you please delete the above comment? It’s the exact same as this comment, but I didn’t realize that my last name would pop up. Not like I expect your readers to dox me or something, but I’d rather it doesn’t appear, if at all possible. Great recipe, again!

  96. Charlotte

    I have no suggested tips or complaints. I just wanted to tell you that I made this last night after the day had long since been shot to hell, and let me tell you what, it almost cured me. I mean, it was so flippin’ good. I was a little resentful that my husband liked it too, and I had to share.
    It came together just as quickly and easily as you said (sorry Deb, this is not always true in your recipes) and it was better than I could ever have imagined. I didn’t have fresh rosemary, but I threw in some dried with the garlic and a copious amount of red pepper flakes, and the finish was divine.
    I will make this again, many times, before I die.

  97. briarrose1987

    This was perfect after a Saturday of running all over doing Halloween activities. Even the 11 month old was a fan. It’s definitely going into regular rotation.

  98. misapb

    I made this last night and my 4yo INHALED it. Wish I had followed Deb’s advice and made a double recipe for lunches. However, I used tubettini pasta and needed 3 or more cups of water. It was 30 min start to finish but the prep time was less than 10 min.

  99. I made this with orecchiette and Parmesan broth, since I weirdly had some on hand, and borrowed the tip from above to drizzle with harissa at the end. I was skeptical because I haven’t liked other pasta dishes with chickpeas but, damn, this was delicious. And so fast and easy. Thank you!

  100. MPG

    I’m dying to try this, have an open and half used can of tomato paste, and a family who wants to stay home for dinner–but other than orzo, I don’t have any small pasta!!! I have penne, farfalle, rotini, spaghetti, and something else I can’t remember the name of but it looks like a trumpet. Can I use any of these??

  101. This was great–a definite improvement from the version I used to make. It thickened up nicely and had a surprisingly rich flavor from the generous amount of tomato paste. I agree that it serves 3 “petitely.”

  102. Made this tonight with toasted fregula for the pasta and small white beans for the chickpeas. So, amazing–especially as a bed for roasted lamb chops. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t add a teeny bit of lamb fat to the simmering beans, pasta, water, and tomato paste. ;-)

    Anyway, I think this recipe (with and without chops) is going into regular rotation! Thank you so much!

  103. Kath

    Tasty, quick, and a great alternative to a hearty chili or stew type meal for chilly nights. The first taste is quite good, but the subsequent bites are even better — this dish has “that thing” in it that makes you want to keep eating it!

    Definitely double the recipe if you are cooking for more than one person, as this makes great leftovers for lunch. Works well with small white beans in place of the chickpeas too, if you prefer.

  104. Sarah S.

    This is delicious! I added chopped carrots at the same time as the water etc. to provide more vegetables. You could do the same with broccoli (maybe a few minutes further into the simmering period). Super easy and very good.

  105. Lori

    I’ve made this at least twice a week since you posted it last month – I usually eat the whole pot by myself in one sitting (I’m totally stuffed but I do it). It feels as comforting as a bowl of soup and as satisfying as a stew. I make it a little different each time but each time it impresses me.
    – I usually add a few extra cloves of garlic and probably an extra tablespoon of the tomato paste.
    – I’ve used broth (chicken or veggie) instead of the 2 cups water, but I found that the flavor is too overpowering. If I have a little extra broth in the fridge, I’ll add maybe a 1/2 cup with 1 1/2 cup of water.

    Also, thank you for bringing the Short Stack series to my attention – the ones I ordered are already well-used and so very pretty!

  106. Lia

    I made this dish the other night and it was good but not mind blowing. The sauce sort of tasted like tomato-flavored water even after reducing it. Full disclosure, I freeze tomato paste because I rarely use a whole can at once so I’m guessing the frozen paste wasn’t as good (although I’ve never noticed that before). I plan to try again with a fresh can.

    The other thing I noticed was the pasta was cooked through but the sauce had barely reduced. Did anyone else have this issue? I scooped out all the pasta-chickpea bits and reduced the sauce more which worked well. Not a big deal because I was planning to do that for leftovers anyway.

    Lastly, I agree the serving size of this recipe is off so I used 5 ounces of pasta, 5 cups of water, and one can of chickpeas to get 3 servings for myself. Maybe that’s what caused the extra liquid? I kept the proportions the same though and see other commenters doubled without issue so not sure.

    1. Yael

      ^Lia, I found this dish to be on the very soupy side too and think the pasta could and should be increased. The sauce could definitely use lots more garlic to boost the flavor too. What makes this special is that for very little effort, you can get a reasonably satisfying dinner on the table. I think that using the o’s makes this taste like elevated spaghettios and if only psychologically, makes the dish more fun to eat… and I really appreciate that you can keep these ingredients on hand to make this anytime. Also, imo, a very generous finishing drizzle of Rosemary Oil is key to this recipe.

      1. Sarah H

        I’ve made this a few times and have doubled the pasta, but only increased the water by about half (110 grams of pasta, 3 cups water). This seems to make it the right consistency as shown, but spread the meal a bit farther. I usually get around 3 good servings out of it.

        1. YaelD

          Sarah, thanks for sharing this re: pasta proportions & water. It makes sense actually. Will try it the next time I make this. Have stocked up on o shaped pasta just to have on hand for this recipe.

  107. Ok, you’re not going believe this, but my daughter is winging her way from one day in Rome as I write this. I have Facebook pics to prove it. You read the former sentence. Only one day in Rome. She had squeezed it in after a 5 day business stay in Britain. She’s a little bitty thing, but claims to have eaten until she couldn’t eat another bite and that she never had one thing that could be referred to as just OK. She loves to cook, so I’m betting our pre-Thanksgiving meals will be her experiments. I will certainly share this recipe with her. As for me, I have 3/4 cup dried chickpeas and some orzo. I’m going to adjust the ingredients and see how I do right now.

  108. Ashley Deitz

    This was so delicious! It was easy, quick, and so flavorful with the added rosemary and garlic. Thanks for the recipe. It will be in rotation often this winter!

  109. edithnicole

    This was great, thanks! So nice to have a dinner option based on pantry ingredients. We used navy beans because I have a baby and I’m paranoid about choking – put them in for last 5 minutes of cooking because otherwise they would have fallen apart, I think. Super good immediately, ten times better the next day.

  110. Linda

    I thought this was delicious and easy, but my husband found it “a little ketchupy.” I could see his point. Anyone else feel that way?

  111. My aunt, Corinna Vozza, who was mezzo soprani with Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, and was in Padrino III (1928-2008), sorry I’m bragging, but I loved her dearly and miss her terribly.. she would make it without any tomato at all and serve with a nice Chianti.
    My mouth is watering remembering the abundance of black pepper, rosemary and olive oil so virgin, it came with a drs certificate…

  112. Laurie

    OMG thank you for my first introduction to this recipe. It’s perfect: easy and quick to make and delicious. (I may have thrown in a few more red pepper flakes than I meant to, so it’s definitely not boring!) I’ve been following you on instagram and this is my first recipe of yours and it is delicious. I also love reading the others’ comments – what a great conversation. Thank you all!

  113. Skye

    This is the simplest, quickest, most delicious meal! I love it and, more importantly, my 4.5 year old daughter loves it. She’s in a bit of a finicky stage right now, which can be discouraging, but she will request this for dinner and wants the leftovers in a thermos for school lunch the next day. Thank you!

  114. Jennifer Martin

    I made this twice already and it’s delicious. I ordered the pasta online and it was pretty expensive, $15 for two 1 pound bags. Thanks for the recipe!

  115. Cathy

    Love your new book! Made Baked oatmeal with caramelized pears and also spinach mushroom and goat cheese frittata to share with family. Delicious! Missed you in Austin but I’ve got your great recipes!

  116. Julie London

    Make sure you don’t use over cooked chickpeas (like obviously!). I did and they turned to mush while everything was simmering. It wasn’t pretty looking but at least it tasted nice! Will try again with canned beans this weekend.

  117. Laura S

    I’ve been meaning to make a version of this recipe for years, but never did – until I saw your post and thought now’s the time. OMG – it is SO delicious!!! I’ve made it twice in the past few days. Thank you for a new addition to my favourite recipes 😊

    1. vee

      this recipe has no starting temperature, which is making me feel kind of crazy. how does everyone here (& everyone in the reviews of the original recipe) know what temperature to heat the olive oil at when you begin? i don’t think i’ve ever seen something like this… what am i missing here?

  118. April

    Please know that I now make this weekly. No other dish has had that honor in years. Please never stop with the recipes. Also, it was lovely meeting you during your book tour. You are so kind!

  119. I have basically been making this now about twice a week to take for my lunches at work. It’s brilliant.

    I fully intend to try variations with other sorts of legumes – although it wouldn’t be past e ceci anymore – since it seems like a great base recipe for experimentation.

  120. Nikki Cardon

    Hi, I saw this recipe and had to make it right away too. I’m lucky enough to live walking distance from an Italian market (I think anywhere but NYC that’s a rare thing). They had the annelini that I was excited to use, but it was far more expensive than a smaller shaped ring with no name. I’m cheap and bought the little ones. However, it still turned out awesome, even without the finishing sauce. Next time I’ll have to splurge for the real pasta and some rosemary, but anyway, just writing to give you compliments and to tell everyone else to give this a try!

  121. Karen

    I’ve made this several times now and I will probably keep making it all winter. It’s so good! I’ve been making it from dried chickpeas and using the cooking liquid. I add the Parmesan rinds as well.

  122. PhiaBird

    How can something so simple be so flavourful and delicious? I’m so full and I can’t stop ladling more in my bowl! Also, the ingredients came to $6 at my local Italian deli, so this will be on regular rotation in my house.

  123. Madison

    Hi Deb! I re-discovered your blog about a month ago after being an avid reader nearly ten (TEN!) years ago, when I was in college. Now that I am a real adult with a real kitchen (read: not trying to make meals in a sad, 1970s-era dorm kitchenette), I cannot get enough of your recipes! Every single thing I’ve tried–from brisket to cookies to bread to roasted vegetable dishes–has been fantastic. I have to say, though, that this pasta e cece is particularly stellar. It’s at the perfect intersection of insanely quick to throw together + out-of-this-world flavorful.

    The only appropriately small pasta in my small town grocery store was alphabet pasta, so I may have one-upped you on the kid factor. Because the letters were SO small, I added an extra 1/4 cup of pasta to the mix, which ended up absorbing just the right amount of sauce. I also threw in a can of diced tomatoes (because I am addicted to the texture of tomatoes, I simply cannot help myself), and I ended up with the very best weeknight meal in recent memory that didn’t come from a take-out box. Next time I make this, I am CERTAINLY planning to double the recipe. The two of us ate the whole yield–so much for leftovers!

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your voice and your recipes with all of us! Best wishes for 2018!

  124. Stephen Halperin

    Wow, I have made this 3 times this month! I added a few leaves of Tuscan Kale and a tablespoon of vinegar. I even found annelini pasta. Filling, tasty, and much healthier than many of my dinners.

  125. Lauren

    It took me entirely too long to find this because we have re-named it “alpha-beans” at our house and I couldn’t remember where to look to double check the ingredient quantities. With a 4 year old, 2 year old, and baby in the house, (and summer trip to Rome on the horizon), this is a perfect weeknight meal for us! Also: alpha-beans because we use tiny alphabet pasta 👍👍 from the toddler crowd!

  126. Sian

    This looks good! I wonder if you wanted to make this ahead of time by a few days, could you cook and keep the pasta separate? Then just combine in a pot to reheat?

  127. Missy

    I made this for the first time tonight. I switched it up a little bit by sautéing some onion until it was soft and translucent first, and used chicken stock instead of water. It was absolutely delicious and something I will be making again! Love the idea of adding some fresh baby spinach in at the end to add some extra nutrients.

  128. Kate D

    I came here tonight specifically for this 20-minute recipe and, a couple of hours later, am tearing myself away from the archives to actually go feed myself. Best intentions of eating a dinnertime-ish dinner and not a curl-up-in-bed-with-a-steaming-bowl dinner are smashed and I’m not sorry.

  129. Hillary P

    I made this yesterday for lunch and ate the whole pot, and just did the same today (except I didn’t need a recipe this time!) This soup is incredible for being so quick and made of such ordinary pantry items!

  130. Melanie

    So very good and fast. I like it even better with canned borlotti beans and double the recommended pasta. Serves two perfectly.

  131. Steve

    This was *so good* and I loved that it used a minimal amount of ingredients that you could keep on hand at all times. I doubled it, using a whole can of tomato paste, and a few tbsp of a second. I also added about 5 cups of water roughly. Came out wonderful. I fried a few sage leaves for garnish before frying up the garlic and rosemary. Definitely do not skip the finishing oil, it’s incredible. I can tell this is going to turn into more of my Mee Moms pasta e fagioli after refrigerating. She always made hers in a porridge consistency and I loved it growing up. Thank you for the recipe Deb!!

  132. Rebecca

    Love this a bit more each time I make it. This time: with roasted carrots, parm rind, lots of spinach at the last minute. Plus ten minutes of talking at the table over lunch with my two teenage sons = happy.

  133. HH

    This recipe has totally charmed me, like so many others here, and is now a weeknight staple of mine. So delicious, filling, and almost absurdly inexpensive to make & keep making. Since it’s just me, I halve the quantities here (but still two garlic cloves, and a bit more water since I like the dish pretty brothy), and it’s still almost more food than I can eat in one sitting. In the last couple minutes of cooking, I crack an egg into the mix and poach it in the broth. So killer!!

  134. Rachel Maurer

    I made this tonight. So tasty. Instead of dry pasta I used fresh tortellini which made the broth probably thinner than if I used dry. And instead of the finishing oil I rubbed a garlic clove on toasted baguette and drizzled some olive oil. Next time, I’ll use the dry pasta for sure.

  135. Victoria

    This was good. Interesting to see how tomato paste can turn into a full body sauce/broth with a little work. Probably wouldn’t add it to our usual rotation, but glad we tried it.

  136. JBF

    I made this tonight with the following modifications and it was a big hit for our family of two adults and two kids 7 and 5 year old! I used two cans of chickpeas and a half pound of elbow pasta. I also used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato paste because I had half a can left over and no tomato paste. I eyeballed the liquid amount and served it with chard braised with garlic! I will definitely be adding this dish to our weeknight meals rotation.

  137. this was so good! Like others I improvised a bit but not much. Used tiny shells, and added some drained diced tomatoes to add to the “vegetable” content. Didn’t use a parmesan rind but grated quite a bit of parmesan to go in at serving. Delicious! Great last minute dinner. It seemed to be just right for me and my husband.

  138. Paula

    I made this a little while ago, planning to eat later this evening. As it sat it absorbed most of the (delicious) broth.

    Many have commented on making a double batch in order to have leftovers. Are you adding additional water or broth when reheating? Thanks.

  139. Taylor

    I’m back to say this is incredible! I can’t believe how much flavor this has with so few ingredients and in so little time. I had leftovers ready to warm up for tonight’s dinner but couldn’t stop thinking about this so I made it and packed the other food up to take for tomorrow’s lunch. As we get into the cold, rainy part of the year I know I’ll be making this a lot.

  140. Lisa

    This dish is amazingly simple yet so delicious! It has become a regular at our house frequently requested by my five year old. Thank you!

  141. Anna

    This is really good! I increased the pasta to 100 grams (I used orecchiette) and added a bit of extra water. Great, quick weeknight dinner.

  142. I’m allergic to rosemary. Any suggestions for which herb to use in its place? For Italian recipes, I generally go with basil and parsley, but they’re obviously very different flavors from rosemary. So I figured I’d ask. Thanks!

  143. frog

    Made this and the next recipe – chocolate olive oil cake – along with bread & salad, for some vegan friends for dinner tonight, and they both went back for seconds on the soup, so I think it was a hit! Directed them to your website when they asked for the recipe.Thanks, as always, for being a great go-to resource for all kinds of recipe needs/situations.

  144. This is one of my go-to recipes as a college student. Sometimes I use chickpeas, sometimes other types of beans (cannelini works great here), and use other italian spices if I’m out of rosemary. It’s always fast, delicious, and filling. I freeze the rest of the tomato paste in 1-tbsp servings wrapped in wax paper to use the next time I need it. Thanks for the great recipe!

  145. Meg

    This comment is meant to be a sign post for anyone who didn’t enjoy this recipe: I didn’t care for this recipe. I was overall very disappointed given the internet’s excitement about it. Go with your instinct.

  146. Lily

    I love this recipe. It’s so simple and so, so, so good. But the truth is, I’ve never made anything from your website or books that I don’t like… As a bonus, all five of my kids gobbled it up and we didn’t even have leftovers!

  147. Rachel

    Made this last night as the chicken I was planning on hadn’t thawed yet. I used cannellini beans instead of chickpeas due to texture. My 7 year old started eating it and said ‘did you know there are beans in this?’ and I thought that would be a deal breaker. He gobbled it up and asked for more later. My 10 year old said the kitchen smelled like pizza. Win!

  148. This is honestly so good. I’ve made it twice in the last two weeks. I’m a bit obsessed with pasta e ceci recipes and am going around trying a bunch. This one is definitely a favorite due to how easy and quick it is, plus the oil is fabulous. Thanks!

  149. chloe

    I made this for my kids and me last night. It was so easy and SO delicious! My only regret was that I didn’t make more. As it’s written, the recipe is barely enough for 3 people. I definitely recommend doubling or even tripling it. I’m always excited when I find a dish that my kids love and that I love too.

  150. Jessica

    Just made this recipe and was amazed at how easy and insanely delicious it was! Loved the rosemary garlic oil to top it off. Will definitely be making it again!

  151. Megan Horton

    I had never even heard of this dish until today. Made it tonight since I always have these ingredients on hand. It was so hearty and warming. Loved it. I made the rosemary finishing oil and I’m glad I did.

    For my family I would have needed to triple this. My husband is a huge eater and my daughter and I are not, but I was able to eat this batch by myself with a huge side salad.

  152. Rachel

    I know you already have many comments raving about this dish but have to add my thanks here. This has become our favorite meal this winter. Everyone in the family loves it (2 year old and meat/cheese loving husband included). Aside from being absolutely delicious, it is so fast and economical. My husband makes it just as much as I do (thank you!!!) And it has shown us both that chickpeas are delicious, and can create a satisfying meal. For two people who are just figuring out how to eat more vegetarian meals, this recipe has been a Godsend!

  153. Jai

    I’ve made this at least 5 times since finding this recipe on smitten It is so tasty and simple to make,and feels like real comfort food.

  154. Sophia

    Delicious! Didn’t make the finishing oil, just popped in some rosemary and melted in some cheese when i added the water. Worked well with risoni pasta. Will be repeating.

    1. I would say pasta sauce is a good substitute, but you’d probably want to add more than the paste. Maybe double. And don’t add as much water, you don’t want to dilute the flavors too much! If it’s too thick, you can always add some water at the end, but test it first.

  155. Rose

    We make this often, and now we have to double the recipe, as everyone is bigger and likes it so much. I find that if you double it, you have to use a wider shallower pan rather than deeper for the tomato paste mix to work and the liquid to evaporate the way it’s supposed to. Use really good tomato paste.

    1. Rose Miller

      A year later, still true. Now we add chopped spinach and serve with sausage. I usually use the already-cooked chicken sausage that can stay in your fridge for last-minute dinners such as this.

  156. Ian C

    This is delicious, my fellow diners and I scoffed it down. I’m a garlic and chilli fanatic so I added 6 cloves of garlic and a scant teaspoon of chilli flakes to the recipe. Thank you for this treasure.

  157. I made it last night—it was delicious. I modified by adding some basil chopped up and substituted 1/2 cup pureed tomato for the water and was out of ditali so I used tiny shells and upped the chili pepper flakes. Gave it a nice after burn. In the future might add a dollop of ricotta on top.

    As far as leftovers, next day it was good but it sucked up all the liquid so if you were re-making it I might add a little extra liquid/tomato puree or something. It tasted really good, though, and I still really enjoyed it.

  158. Jennifer Richkus

    This was much tastier than it deserves to be for such a quick and simple dish! Thanks for the great tips on the finishing oil.

    1. SMM

      I just made this for the second time tonight, this time adding in half an onion, a few carrots, a few ribs of celery, and a handful of chopped mushrooms. Sautéed them for a few mins before adding the tomato paste.

      I double the recipe, but used a little more than 1 cup of pasta. I also used only around 3.75 c liquid (1 c veg broth, 1/4 c cooking sherry, the rest water) to compensate for the liquid the veg will release. I also add some harissa paste to the tomato paste and a crap ton of rosemary while cooking it.

      It’s really good w some feta on top, too.

  159. Traci

    I’ve been making a version of this from the heaven-sent ladies at Canal House. They add a few anchovies and then top the finished dish with garlicky panko breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs are magic workers and it’s like you’ve grated fresh Parmesan on top! SO GOO!

  160. Lily Kreimer

    I have been making this all of the time – everyone in my family loves it! So simple and so delicious. And I am too lazy for the last step (most of the time – it is goooood when I feel like making it), but it is delicious even without the fancy oil. Thanks for another stellar recipe.

  161. Elizabeth

    I’ve made this three or four times since I saw this recipe last month. I love it! I haven’t found time for the herb oil finish, I usually add a sprinkle of parmesan at the end. I make double batches and bring leftovers to work for lunch. Freezes well. Thanks Deb!

  162. Sarah

    I used this as a guide to make an amazing meal! I minced the garlic, added halved cherry tomatoes, and i had about half a jar of store-bought sauce that I added with the tomato paste. I also used tri-color twisty pasta, and didn’t measure it either. Because the pasta I used was larger than what the recipe called for, I had to increase the time slightly, and I also had the pot slightly covered since some of the pasta wasn’t covered 100% of the time. At the end I stirred in baby spinach to wilt before serving. I didn’t have fresh rosemary but I had some dried rosemary that I had previously ground in a spice grinder which I used in the finishing oil, plus some grated parm.

    Looking forward to making this recipe as listed, but I am more inspired by the method of pasta cooking IN the sauce and the use of chickpeas with pasta. Will definitely make again!

  163. I love this recipe so much. Not just because it’s ridiculously, surprisingly tasty, but because I can make it with things I always have in my pantry. Great last-minute dinner option!

  164. Farrah Schwartz

    My new favourite weekday dinner. I usually double the recipe for a family of four.

    I add 1-2 grated carrots and celery to the pan after the garlic browns and cook for a few minutes. I also substitute canned tomatoes instead of tomato paste.

    Also great for lunch the next day!

  165. kathy

    I love this dish! I’ve already made it twice inside of a month after seeing the recipe. I like chickpeas enough, but don’t always love them, so this really surprised me. Tonight I was out of tomato paste, but used a can of plain tomato sauce instead (usually have some around for making my own pasta sauce). I used that instead of the paste, letting it simmer a bit (maybe 2-5mins extra) to reduce the volume and deepen the tomato flavor before adding the chickpeas, pasta (tiny shells this time! delightful!), and reduced the water to about 1.5 cups. It was just as delicious.

    Thank you, Deb – another long time fan here – SK is wonderful and your recipes always turn out fantastic!

  166. Jamie K

    Thanks for the summary on a quick ceci & pasta…and I agree that Rachel Roddy’s blog and cookbooks are FANTASTIC!

  167. I would never think of the combination with pasta and chickpeas, but it looks great and I’m going to try this myself at home for sure! If I can’t find ditalini pasta which paste could you advice me to use?

    1. Cara

      I have made this with chickpea – based pasta and it worked. Wegman’s brand held its shape nicely and the dish was delicious; Banza brand fell apart but the kids still liked it. I added more pasta until it looked right (probably doubled it). I don’t think chickpea-based pasta expands as much as wheat pasta.

  168. Barbara

    This was heavenly! I can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch! I didn’t drizzle extra oil but I did add finely grated Parmesan using a microplane.

  169. Mary

    Ok, I know that I’m in the minority here, but I wasn’t overly fond of this dish. I made it exactly as written. But there was too much garlic. It overwhelmed the dish. And the garlic needs to be made into smaller pieces. Just smashing it isn’t enough. It’s just too chunky that way.

    So if I were to make this dish again–which I actually doubt I will–I’ll halve the garlic. And, I’ll mince it next time to avoid biting into a big chunk of garlic.

  170. gwynsully

    I just keep coming back to this recipe. Not only is the picture pretty enough that I am compelled to click on it every time I see it on the side of the blog, but it’s tasty enough that I am delighted every time I make it as well. I use slightly less oil than it calls for as a personal preference, and I cut the smashed garlic into about 3-4 pieces per clove after smashing it. The small pasta I am most likely to have on hand is tiny shells. These are especially fun when the chickpeas get caught in the shells and wear them like little delicious hats.

  171. Emily

    Okay, this was SUPER good! Even without finishing oil, it felt rich and decadent. I never would have thought to have beans in pasta but it worked so well! Fantastic!

  172. Heidi

    So simple but SO GOOD. Inexpensive ingredients, simple to make, and just so much YUM! The rosemary makes all the difference. I usually use ditalini and it comes out great.

  173. Emilie

    We made this tonight and it is quite good but definitely needs some tweaking. I added a bit more rosemary to counteract the canned tomato paste flavor which is hard to remove. I think if you had non tinned tomato paste or homemade tomato paste this would be dynamite. Also this does not make a lot of food if you have an appetite like my husband! :) but great for a lighter dinner with a nice salad.

  174. sandy

    I have been making this for over 40 years. Got a recipe from an Italian friend then made it my own. Add only a small amount of tomato paste . Use onion and garlic and basil. Add small cubes of ham (she used small amt bacon and it was a side dish.) Mine is main coarse and is served with grated parm. I also add sauteed mushroom. For pasta I use a small tube …elbow or other. Cece pasta.

  175. Paula Lahera

    I made this and it was so delicious. I also put a little sweet Hungarian paprika in it which I thought made it even more delicious.

  176. I had really high hopes for this recipe. The photos are so promising and the ingredient list is so typically Italian. Short, on point and intriguing in its simplicity. The result was not so great for me though. Maybe i did something wrong but it tasted like something that should just fill you up late at night because you forgot to buy dinner. I wonder if i did something wrong.

  177. Marci

    I’ve made this countless times. It is a perfect demonstration of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

  178. Cat

    I really enjoyed this dish, but I found that when I used canned chickpeas, they were a little underdone. So, I simmered the chickpeas a little longer without the pasta until they were about as soft as I wanted them and then threw in the pasta. I ended up adding probably 1/2 cup more water for the pasta to fully cook.

  179. Jessica

    This is fantastic, but I have to agree with other comments that I would LOVE to see your version of homemade Spaghetti-Os (with mini meatballs!). I’ve seen a few versions going around elsewhere (like Epicurious), but would trust your version more (and I suspect you’d find a way to take the recipe up a notch too).

  180. Cynthia

    Hello! Can’t wait to make this recipe! Looks so good. Would you mind sharing where you got those glass jars? They are such functional sizes.

  181. Longtime reader and silent follower here. I make plenty of the SK recipes and they never disappoint but I just have to say THIS RECIPE IS SO SIMPLE AND IDIOT-PROOF AND SO DELICIOUS! If you’ve ever loved Spaghetti-Os, this recipe is your adult-taste-buds-meets-childhood-nostalgia dreams.

  182. Madison

    Made this today and almost all the liquid was gone after 5 minutes of cooking! What am I do I wrong? I had it in a soft simmer like it said!

  183. jane stafford

    where are you buying your annelini pasta from. I can’t find it in our grocery stores or on mazon . Please somebody help.

  184. Fanny Lady

    Deb, you are right. This recipe is perfection. Perfection in my tummy and perfection for my doctoral student budget. I made it macaroni, threw in some extra garlic and added a healthy pinch of crushed red pepper…CLEAN PLATE CLUB!! Will forever be on my “go-to” list. Now, on to making it for my nieces and nephew…

  185. Heather

    I made this and it was very easy but not too tasty. I couldn’t find the ditalini pasta in my local grocery store(s). I used penne, bionaturae tomato paste, and canned chickpeas. If I made it again I would try to find the right pasta online and I’d add more salt. : )

  186. I really had no idea what to expect when I made this, and I was blown away by how good this tasted with so few ingredients. I threw a little dino kale in mine, since my friend told me she always adds greens to her pasta e ceci, but otherwise I stuck to the recipe.

    My 6 year old found it a little spicy and thought the rosemary oil was too strong for her tastes, but everyone else liked it. It’s definitely going into my meal planning rotation. (My daughter can have hers without the finishing oil.)

  187. Rachel Maurer

    This recipe is so much more than the sum of its parts! I’ve made it at least 6 times since I’ve discovered it a month or so ago. I’ve tried it with chickpeas and white beans (both great!). I’ve made it with the tiny dried ravioli from Trader Joes and I’ve added spinach. And it is so tasty with some chopped up fresh mozzarella on top. They have all been so good!

  188. Ariane

    Currently making this for the 2nd time this week, in lieu of going to the store. So yummy! Definitely double the recipe if you are feeding more than two people or want to have any leftovers.

  189. Kellie

    Making it right now! I doubled the recipe, added all the tomato paste in the can, and just waiting for it to simmer down now! It smells delicious, I’m so excited to try!

  190. Cara

    I doubled this recipe and fed two little kids, one big kid and one adult perfectly. It really was foolproof. Usually, recipes with so few ingredients depend on those ingredients being really good, and I didn’t have particularly good ingredients in the house. I half expected to end up calling for pizza, but we really enjoyed this meal. My only suggestion would be to use half the chick peas, unless you’re family particularly likes them. Everyone left some of the chick peas in their bowl. Also, I was out of a kosher salt and a pinch of table salt worked just fine.

  191. Mehak Noorani

    Love love love this recipe! I didn’t have a small pasta in stock when I wanted to make it, so I made it with a fusilli instead and it was just as great. I also added the twist of adding Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute in order to give it a little bit of spice and it really changed the flavor in the best way! Also mixed in some arugula to add some greens to the mix and can’t recommend it enough!

  192. Linda H

    This was absolutely delicious! My husband and I loved this dish, but to my surprise, my boys (6 & 8) did not :(. I even begged them to take a second spoonful, but still no. It’s definitely a keeper for the grown-ups though! Thank you!

  193. Emilymberry

    I’m hear to tell you that if you skip the finishing oil, and melt a kraft single into the saucy pasta bean mix right before serving, it is actually the same as spaghetti-os. makes me want to make some tiny meatballs.

  194. Jo-ann

    Oh my goodness! I made this tonight when I really did not feel like cooking. Something quick and easy was called for. Delicious! I can’t believe how much flavor so few ingredients imparted. It will definitely go on rotation. Just brilliant!

  195. Jen H

    This was delicious and quick(!) and satisfying, but a bit on the salty side – perhaps because I made the chick peas from scratch and used a parmesan rind.

  196. Amanda

    This has been part of our regular weeknight rotation for a few months now — high praise from my family which includes at least one fickle young vegetarian and a cook with a terrible memory for good recipes. We just call it ‘Spaghettios’, naturally, and everyone loves it. Easy and delicious as the recipe is written. Thank you!

  197. emilymberry

    I make this all the time for me and my toddler and I’m happy to report that if you are out of tomato paste, it is also very good with a 15 oz can of diced tomatoes, pureed (I can save a dish and put my stick blender directly in the can to puree it) and added with the water after sautéing the garlic. I kept the water levels the same and it still got that nice gravey-ish comforting texture. I usually skip the sizzling oil and but drizzle a little extra oil on top. it does not need cheese!

  198. Anita

    This recipe is amazing! We add a good dose of red pepper flakes to give it a kick… Fair warning: two of us devoured this, and the second time we made it, we made a doubled the batch!

  199. Mary Margaret

    My kids (2.5 and 1) DEVOURED this! I used alphabet pasta and left off the finishing oil to keep it simple and one pan, but this is definitely going to be our replacement for boxed Mac and cheese. I got two little kid sized servings and one small adult serving out of this with everybody wanting more. So next time I’ll just let them have it all.

    Thank you thank you for this recipe. We love all your vegetarian meals!

  200. Jane

    Tasty, easy, fast! I did the chickpeas in the slow cooker. Then roasted a couple leftover carrots and a fennel bulb, puréed them with some of the chickpea water, and added that to the oil with the garlic. Toddler verdict: “Daddy, Mama made some tasty soup! Would you like some?”

  201. Priya

    It turned out fantastic! I didn’t have rosemary so used a dash of the Italian seasoning instead. Loved the garlicky flavor! My kids thought the red pepper flakes gave it too much of a kick, and called it spicy. Husband and I devoured it:)
    I’ll be making this regularly!

  202. Mel

    Late to the party here – this was SO good!!! I was looking for something to make for the two of us that didn’t involve going to the grocery. Had everything on hand except the ditalini but used chickpea pasta shells instead and decided to replace the water with chicken stock. Cooked perfectly in 15 minutes. So so good!! Perfect pantry meal/comfort food/winter food! Thanks Deb!

  203. turnabouttowndesigns

    Yum!! This is the perfect recipe I’ve been looking for! I’m travelling at the moment and have been struggling to find easy and cheap recipes and I just made this for dinner and I already can’t wait to make it again!

    Side note: I added a little splash of red wine into the sauce, DELISH!

  204. Jennie F

    This is the fourth time i’ve made This and it’s perfection every time. I actually tripled the recipe tonight because I knew we’d be longing for leftovers. I actually add the rosemary while it’s boiling and add browned hot Italian sausage at the end because of my carnivore husband. It’s the best. We call it adult spaghetti-os. This recipe is the best.

  205. This was so lovely! Quick and inexpensive and, I thought, super tasty. (My husband, sadly, did not love it, so I think I’ll only end up making it for myself. Sigh.) I liked it MUCH better with homecooked chickpeas vs. canned, because of the softer texture. I doubled the amount of pasta, and to account for that, also added extra water. I made it once with tap water and once with chickpea cooking water, and both were just fine. I also used a parm rind both times, and definitely love that. Yum!

  206. Diana

    So I can confirm (in case any one was wondering) that this entire recipe can be made one handed with a crying baby on your hip without sacrificing flavor or time. You’re welcome. (And thank you Deb! This one is a lunch time staple for my toddler and infant)

  207. I was searching the site yesterday looking for something to make for dinner and just happened to find this recipe. This dish will now be a regular in the dinner rotation. My boyfriend and I loved it. I didn’t have a Parmesan rind, so I added a couple tablespoons of shredded parm. I threw in a few handfuls of arugula after I took the pot off the burner, and I added an additional clove of garlic to the finishing oil. That finish truly makes the dish! I didn’t have any fresh rosemary, so I used dry; I was still able to get some good rosemary taste, but I’ll use fresh next time. I used 2 good pinches of red pepper flakes which gave the oil just the right amount of heat. Deb, your revised number of servings is exactly right; the two of us each had a generous helping, but there weren’t any leftovers. Next time, I’ll double the recipe. Thank you for it! I’m a long-time reader of the blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. Your blog is a delight.

  208. Stephanie Wyatt

    This is a surprisingly decadent dish with such few ingredients. I opted to mince 3 cloves of garlic and lightly saute them in 4 T of olive oil rather than do the finishing oil, only bc I was feeling lazy. I was sceptical that 1/2 c of pasta would be enough, but it was. I found the pasta rings at Lowe’s grocery. I used tap water instead of boiling water. I think the difference between tap and boiling is that the pasta would be cooked more with boiling water. It took 20 minutes for almost al dente with tap water, it was still a bit chewy. I definitely will shave parmesan on top next time or even a lovely dollop of ricotta cheese and a good piece of bread to soak up the sauce. Loved this!

    1. Stephanie Wyatt

      Forgot to mention I added a good sized pinch of roasted red pepper flakes for some heat. This is a delicious dish!

  209. Stephanie

    This is a surprisingly decadent dish, considering so few ingredients. I made it with 4T of olive oil and 3 minced garlic cloves instead of the finishing oil, because I was feeling lazy. I added a healthy pinch of red pepper flakes and I found the O ring pasta at Lowe’s Foods Grocery. I was a bit skeptical that the 1/2 of pasta would be enough, but it was perfect. I used 2 cups of tap water instead of boiling water and simmered for 20 minutes, but when I make this again I will try it with the boiling water. I think it will make the pasta less gummy. I also will add shaved Parmesan. or a dollop of ricotta cheese, and a hunk of good bread to soak up the sauce. This was delicious.

  210. Sarah

    I make this often, and I’m eating leftovers for lunch right now so I figured I’d leave a comment! This is a perfect dish, so easy and so delicious. I’ve actually never made the finishing oil (although I’m sure it’s very good) and the dish is still extremely tasty without it. Thanks for a recipe that I’ll make over and over!

  211. Sabrina!

    I was skeptical but this turned out fantastic! I skipped the finishing part, and instead threw dried rosemary into the pot while cooking. I used just 1 tablespoon of olive oil total and elbow macaroni as the pasta. I also tossed in a handful of baby spinach that was on its last legs. Next time, I think I’ll add in more spinach!

  212. Michael Keiser

    This is total wonderfulness.! Easy, cheap, tasty, healthy. It doesn’t get any better. I’d double it next to to have leftovers.

  213. Monica

    I definitely needed to double the recipe, which left for one serving leftover…perfect for lunch the next day! Nice way to get vegetarian protein into a pasta dish.

  214. Laura Shannon

    This was so quick, so easy, and, most importantly, so very good. I actually had to sit and relax for 30 minutes while cooking because it would have been ready well before dinner! What a nice change since I’m usually ‘late’ getting dinner on the table every night. This is a keeper, especially for winter weeknights.

  215. Barbz

    Oh my goodness, this was really good and will definitely be in my menu rotation. I actually pressure cooked a half pound of chickpeas yesterday in my InstantPot mini and made sure to save the cooking liquid. Tonight, I proceeded with the recipe and it was amazing. Even with gluten free pasta, the sauce pulled together nicely. My daughter thought I’d made a vodka sauce. The finishing oil really took it up a notch. No one would ever guess this was completely vegetarian. Thanks, Deb, for the dead simple easy weeknight recipe!

  216. Jens

    Fine as is, but a lot better with a sautéed shallot along with garlic, dried Greek oregano and a bay leaf as it simmers. Economical, fast, easy winner!

  217. Kelly McIntyre

    I liked this even more than I expected. I did 2 cans of chick peas, cup and a half of orechiette (smallest pasta our terrible grocery store had), parm rind, and used the whole small can of tomato paste. I rough chopped some greens and added them to our bowls. I also added grated parm to our bowls. The orechiette was fun because the chick peas kept nestling in them like they were wearing little hats 😂

    Next time I think will do sauteed carrots and celery to add extra veggies. I love pretty much all SK recipes and am a veggie fiend and always find the recipes here lacking in veg.

    Also want to try it with the small white beans!

  218. We made this tonight and tripled the recipe, threw in the whole can of tomato paste (12 oz.) and it was amazing! The rosemary/garlic oil took it over the top. Thx so much for the recipe! It’s going into the rotation.

  219. Soapnana

    Good lord! Why is this so good?? This is such a perfect weeknight recipe – fast, unfussy, filling and relatively healthy! Do not skip the finishing oil since that adds a whole new flavor profile.

    I added a poached egg to make sure it was filling enough, and the texture and flavor was perfect. Totally agree with other commenters that the serving size is more like 2 servings, and depending on how hungry you are you may need a side or an egg on top to make it a full meal.

    Will definitely make this over and over!

  220. Anne

    This. Was. So. Good. So quick, easy and fancy restaurant-level delicious. The finishing oil was magic. My kids didn’t like it, but they’re 4 and 2 so I will definitely try to get them to eat it again, maybe by switching up the pasta shapes and/or adding cheese.

    I do agree with the comments about the portion size. I added extra pasta, and still found these portions to be pretty small. But other than that, this has become one of my favorite recipes and I will definitely be returning to it!

  221. Jens

    I’ve made this so many times! It’s a wonderful warming meal – bonus points for being inexpensive and using pantry staples. I’ve adapted as follows because I found it needs a little more zing: sauté garlic with one chopped shallot. Generous 3 T of tomato paste (closer to 4) and a teaspoon of dried Greek oregano with salt and pepper. Serve with grated Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Yum!

  222. megsprahl

    Thanks for the inspiration, Deb! I cannot stop eating this out of the pan. I substituted little pesto-filled tortellini’s from Trader Joe’s for the plain pasta. Added far more than 2 cloves of garlic and minced a random carrot. Shredded Parmesan cheese and the heat of those red pepper flakes–love it! You remain one of my primary cooking muses–thanks for many years of delicious inspiration.

  223. Raquel

    What a great recipe for a quick meal when the carb-craving hits in the afternoon. Today I took a somewhat North African riff on the dish. The homemade chickpeas in the fridge were from Lablabi made yesterday (Tunisian chickpea harissa soup which is amazing btw).
    Scooped spicy chickpeas from the lablabi and followed the rest of the SK recipe, omitting the extra pepper flakes. Result was a spicier (more adult?) version of the dish. Sprinkled some herb salt on top as it had lots of rosemary’s in it. And some parsley on top too. So good! The harissa undertones were great in this, though I’ve often made Deb’s recipe as written.

  224. Ramona

    Oh man. Just made this. Doubled the pasta. Are the whole pan in one sitting. Thanks for the millionth time for recipes that just work. Every time.

  225. Megan S

    This is easy and delicious. The only thing I’ll change next time is doubling the recipe. My husband and I easily ate the entire batch!

  226. This recipe is out of this world delicious!!! For chickpeas pasta, and tomatoes, it’s incredibly rich— even richer than lots of cheesy pastas I’ve had. Thank you!

  227. Susan

    Well, now! This was a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but, then again, it is one of Deb’s recipes, so I should have known better. The only small pasta I had was elbow macaroni, which worked great. This is my kind of comfort food–rich, creamy, tangy, spicy, savory,–plus it’s quick and easy to make. My picky husband even liked it. This dish is heretofore added to my weekly rotation!

  228. Lisa

    I finally got around to making this. Fantastic! I used homemade chickpeas, doubled the pasta (small shells), then doubled the whole recipe so I’d have lunch leftovers. This made 4 generous servings.

    I had a rosemary-parsley pesto, so added chili flakes to the simmering pasta and swirled on the pesto at the end. It’s so good for so little effort.

  229. Anne

    This sounds wonderful, both chickpea and white bean versions (in comments). Any reason to not use vegetable or chicken stock for the liquid?

  230. susan osen

    HI-I love so many of your recipes but wish there was a “clean” way to print them out…am I missing that link? Thank you

    1. deb

      There is! There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template.

  231. Sarah

    This is a lovely, forgiving recipe. I’ve made it twice, and scaled it up a bit both times. The first time I only doubled the recipe and made the version without finishing oil (cause I’m lazy :) Delicious. The second time I had some extra pizza toppings (hot Italian sausage, mushrooms and green olives) and half a can of roasted tomatoes in the fridge from the previous night. So I sort of doubled the recipe and added them. Delicious. Great weeknight dinner.

  232. Vivienne

    this is just a fantastic recipe!

    it looks like it won’t work (all that liquid), but in 20 minutes it is perfection. I use the small beans, which I cook in the oven, and it turns out great. the drizzle makes this special. I have substituted thyme for rosemary and it’s also lovely. thank you!! This is on regular rotation and perfectly easy to have the ingredients on hand. winner!!! so good I had to buy your cookbook for the pizza beans.

  233. Theresa

    I’m not sure I’d my comment went anywhere because I can’t find it. Doh!

    I’ll ask again; I don’t have enough tomato paste to make this (WHY), but already made your chickpea recipe to have for dinner.

    Am I able to substitute any tomato sauce for the paste, or will that ruin the profile of the dish.
    Thanks, Deb!

    1. deb

      I’m not sure; tomato paste is concentrated and loosens into a sauce. But it’s the water the cooks the pasta, of course. I think you can use sauce but it will be less present.

      Update: I see your previous comment about running out of paste. In that case, yes, add some sauce. If you don’t have, always use what you’ve got. If you’re shopping, of course, I’d say get the paste, which is best here.

  234. This has become one of my favorite easy and fast weeknight dishes. I use ditalini for the pasta since that’s the easiest to find. I highly recommend adding the parmesan rind (like you mention) to the simmering pasta/chickpeas as it really adds a great depth of flavor. Thanks for another great meal!

  235. Elyse

    Great recipe. I skipped the finishing oil and was able to sling the whole thing together in minutes. I had just finished making a batch of chicken stock and used that instead of the water. Extra tomato paste and a sprinkle of parmesan = perfect.

    I didn’t notice the yield and only bought one can of chickpeas at the grocery store. Next time will definitely double. My family is one big eater, one little eater, and two kids under 5. I had to supplement the kids’ with half a can of Chef Boyardee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  236. wheresmylovesong

    OMG. This was so good. My variations:

    I added slice red onion and spinach and used small white beans instead of chickpeas and stock instead of water. They didn’t have the spaghetti rings so I used alphabet pasta. I used a cup which was too much but it was still delicious!!! I might be making this every week. There’s so many things I want to add to this next time. Thank you!!!

  237. Claire

    This was an easy and quick recipe to make with things we had on hand! I liked it quite a bit but my husband and toddler weren’t fans. I made the recipe as directed (no time for the finishing oil) and added spinach and a bunch of shredded rotisserie chicken to the pot for the last couple minutes to up the iron/protein content (I’m pregnant and anemic with gestational diabetes). Easy peasy and I look forward to leftovers being all mine tomorrow!

  238. Late to this party – hi from Australia! This was immensely delicious, thanks so much! I cooked the dry chickpeas in my slow cooker yesterday and the cooking water absolutely made a difference to the dish today. Reminds me of my Nina’s pasta e fagioli. Going back for seconds now…

  239. tessajmccall

    The taste definitely reminded me of fancy spaghetti Os. I had high hopes my picky eater would eat what is basically noodles and tomato sauce, but alas. My less picky eater called it “tasty” so it’s a half win. It’s a nice, quick, vegetarian, but still balanced weeknight dinner. Next time I’ll try adding a parmasean rind and spinach.

  240. Frank Akanji

    I added some bouillon concentrate and it was great! (I guess this is the same as if I had just made it with vegetable broth.) The jar said 1 tablespoon per half cup of water, and I added 3/4 of that amount and it tasted perfect to me.

    I had made it many times before with just water which was also very good but the broth made it soooo nice and flavorful.

    I get the impression it might be a bit overpowering if one did this with both the broth AND parmesan rind, but I’ll experiment next time to see if that’s the case. Maybe I’d use a little less of the bouillon concentrate?

  241. Deb what perfect timing. I am cupboard cooking for sure. The other day did a grocery store run in the age of Covid19 and there was not a garbanzo bean to be had. Instead I bought butter beans, cannelini beans, and great northern. Which would be the best substitute for my beloved garbanzo’s in this recipe? Thanks and be well

  242. I absolutely love this dish. Incredibly easy, super quick and so fantastically delicious. Thank you for sending the easy pantry meals email, Deb. The world is a bit chaotic right now and it was nice to cook amazing comfort food with goods I already have in my pantry. My 9 year old daughter loved it and we’ll definitely be making it again. 😌

  243. Tammy

    Can you break up long pasta to use in this instead of a tiny pasta? There’s really no pasta at my grocery store right now, but I do have some long thin pasta (spaghetti and linguini, I think) in my pantry.

  244. Kristin Zangrilli

    We made this last night and loved! I increased the pasta to about a 1/2 pound, upped the water and while it was close to the end of the cooking time, I added two clamshells filled with spinach (about 10oz.). DELICIOUS! it’s so close to another peasant bean dish I make with cannellini beans, greens, onions, roasted red peppers lots of evoo and fresh lemon. We serve that with fresh baked, amazingly crusty bread, this one has the pasta. Not sure which one I love more! I also finished it with some pepper oil that is homemade in our local Italian deli (pricprac). A must for those who love a spicy kick!

  245. Emily

    Reminds me of a soup my mom used to make with shell pasta and chickpeas in a tomato/chicken broth. This is a lovely, grown-up, and much quicker variation! The perfect cozy, pantry-friendly recipe for these quarantine times. My partner and I have made this twice this week. I agree with other commenters that it feeds about two hungry adults if it’s the main course. It was especially good with a thick slice of homemade bread to soak up the extra broth. :)

  246. Brittany

    Yum! Eating now with my toddler who (with a sprinkle of grated parm) seems pretty happy with it. :) We didn’t do the finishing oil, though, and I added a little splash of milk for some creaminess. Thanks for the recipe. By the way, I used ABC pasta because my grocery doesn’t carry Os…my husband said I need to pick out all the Os so we follow the recipe correctly! :-D

  247. CW

    Tastes great, but turned out milkier than the picture. Wondering why…I used leftover tomato pasted that had been frozen into tablespoons. Maybe that’s it???

  248. nfranklin2015

    I made this today as I had more canned chickpeas in the pantry than anyone needs. As we’re all cooking with what we have these days, I had either orecchiette or orzo to choose from. I chose the orecchiette, and because it took longer to cook, the sauce thickened deliciously. I didn’t make the finishing oil, because I keep the infused olive oil from this: in the fridge. We loved it and will definitely make it again. The orecchiette retains a slight chewiness that really works with the chickpeas.

  249. sallyt

    I can’t believe it took me this long to make this – it’s the BEST pantry meal.

    Next time I’d up the pasta by 50% – should I do the same with the water?


  250. THis is soooo yummy. I got the ingredient quantity mixed up and tried to correct it and it all worked out. More pasta than chickpeas. I ground up some of the extra chickpeas and used as a thickener. It all worked out. Will make again and again.

  251. oh my this was delish! I think the finishing oil just took it above and beyond. SO glad I tried it. Oh and I hunted down the anellini and it was perfect in this dish.

  252. Amanda

    As a new mom, I have been re-learning how to cook without spending a lot of time on meals. Since we began quarantine, I’ve been quadrupling this recipe for us to eat over several days (batch cooking has been SUCH a time saver for me). Tonight I made it again, this time with dried chickpeas I cooked easily & quickly in my instant pot. This recipe is going into permanent rotation in our house!

  253. Sarah M.

    This has been a quarantine go-to for us — delicious, filling & comforting every time! Added plus — my 9 month old loves eating the pasta from this too (minus the chili flakes)!

  254. Nishma

    Quick, delicious, comforting! For my husband, it was the perfect meal after a long and physically difficult day. I cooked the chickpeas per your recipe for really good chickpeas, and I have never had any that were more delicious! I could drink that broth all on its own! I’ll making it all again. I wilted some shredded kale and added tiny diced carrots towards the end. So many riffs possible on this one. Thank you, Deb!

  255. Sara

    I’ve made this dish many times, with many different substitutions, but the one that I haven’t seen shared yet is to substitute equal parts white miso for the tomato paste. Different, but equally delicious!

  256. Margaret

    Made this a couple months ago and then again today! The first time I made it as-is with a leftover cheese rind of some kind and it was good, the second time I also included the rind but made a few changes:

    1) Instead of any of the pepper, I added ‘nduja along with the tomato paste (about 2 oz)
    2) Instead of making the infused finishing oil, I added an extra clove of garlic at the start, added the rosemary in just after the pasta, and finished with a nice olive oil
    3) I added 1 T butter after the rosemary just because
    4) I doubled the amount of pasta and used a full 15 oz can of chickpeas; didn’t measure the water but added a can and a half or so? Maybe around 3 cups altogether?

    I also added a bit of chopped sun-dried tomato and parsley to it since I had some lying around, didn’t really add or detract apart from adding a bit more texture to it! It turned out very nicely, I think I prefer it slightly with the ‘nduja.

  257. Hannah

    I just made this twice in a row so I could have leftovers, since we ate the whole pot.

    I loved it! My one year old who it is impossible to get eating beans ate 3 portions!

    I used butter instead of olive oil at the start, and finished it with olive oil.

    I mashed the garbanzos a ton with a potato masher ’cause one year old and it made a creamy sauce.

    I used the liquid from the garbanzo can instead of some of the water, it was one cup.

  258. This was AMAZING! I had all the ingredients at home already and I just made this, looking forward to having extra for the next couple of days! Thank you for posting, I love anything with chickpeas and pasta :)

  259. Essie B

    I’ve been making this for a vegetarian family member ever since it was first published, and we love it. But now we can’t see her due to coronavirus, so I decided to add some meat to it for us omnivores. I always double the recipe because it’s no additional work and it’s really good the next day. For a double recipe, I used about a cup of diced pepperoni, which I added about 5 minutes before the cooking was done just to heat it up. So good!

  260. Brit

    This is very good– and cheap! My garden is exploding with basil so I skipped the finishing oil and threw some of that in each bowl instead, along with a dollop of ricotta.

  261. Katie

    I love the recipe as written! Tonight I tried the sauce over barley I cooked separately. Delish! I added half he wate with chickpeas and added more while stirring the barley in – It needed almost the full listed amount of water to remain saucy.

  262. Anjali Purwar

    Oh my god this is my 3 yr old’s favorite. I found this recipie few months back and since then it is on menu once every week. Absolutely love this easy, quick and minimum prep recipie for my family’s weekday dinners.

  263. da

    After this pandemic is long gone, I will always remember that 2020 was the year this recipe became one of our favorites. I make it just as written with the canned chick peas. (At one point during the last 6 months, canned chicken peas were nowhere to be found, so I tried reconstituting dried chick peas instead as those were the only thing I could find. In my haste, I misjudged the soaking/cooking time on them and wound up with a less than desirable consistency. I’ll need to work on that!). Thanks, Deb, for another great recipe!

  264. bethanyactually

    I just made this for lunch and it was DELICIOUS. I used Sternchen, little star-shaped pasta, and my 16yo (who also found this delicious) said it looked like cowboy spurs, ha!

  265. Mira

    I make this at least twice a month, the whole family is addicted to it. I usually quadruple the recipe and it’s still always gone before we get tired of the leftovers …
    I use elbow pasta though and find that it only needs 12 minutes to be done.

  266. susan Cramer

    Well, I’m a comment reader and couldn’t wait to try this… meh… I have no idea what the big deal is, but I guess to each his own. Maybe people who don’t want to rave don’t post. I’m a huge SK fan but this one… won’t make again.

  267. Kimberly

    This was Delicious! Super easy to make and kids and husband thought it was great. Made it with rotini- 1/2 box and about 3 cups water. I cooked it covered and checking on the pasta so it doesn’t overcook. Mine was not as soupy as in the photos above. Even easier than using jarred sauce.

  268. Diane

    Just finish a bowl of this deliciousness. Saturday night, I’m hungry, don’t feel like cooking and I don’t feel like take out. I see how simple this recipe is so I dive in. It is so good, so comforting and will be a staple in my house forever. YUM!

  269. Margaret

    Delicious! Better than I could have imagined. It was great with medium shells and equally good when I found cappelletti. This is going to stay in the rotation.

  270. Ella Jane

    Have made this for two winters now and made my favourite batch so far last night! Excellent as is, but comments on what made this one special: Cooking the chickpeas from dry in well-salted water and using the cooking water in the soup (seriously changed the silkiness and deptj), using enough salt and olive oil (be generous!), browning the tomato paste for about 2-3 minutes (by accident but really made it excellent!), and then using the finishing oil liberally (it is the key to this whole recipe!)

  271. NR

    I usually make this recipe with around 12 ounces of pasta (of any shape, often farfalle) and a little less water than needed to cover it (I then stir it around a lot so all the pasta gets cooked). It seems like too little liquid, but the pasta always cooks through and the tomato paste turns into a thick, really flavorful sauce that coats the pasta and chickpeas instead of a more diluted soup. One of my favorite recipes of all time.

  272. Amy Howell

    Hi Deb,

    I hope you and your family are safe and well. I have a question about your stovetop americano post. I do not have a gas stove. Mine is electric, the kind that has the flat top that heats up from inside. Can i still make a stove top americano?

  273. Maryland+Katie

    Fir anyone wondering, like Deb I found this highly kid friendly. Parents add pepper flakes after, the kids gobble it up without. Fast, cheap, toddler approved and decently healthy is pretty exciting!! THANK YOU!

  274. Jackie

    I made this and, per comments, doubled the recipe using one can chickpeas and one can cannellini and sliced cremini mushrooms and baby spinach. Definitely more than the sum of its parts and another winner!

  275. Sharon

    I am new to your site. I’m not able to download your recipe and print it, but I watched the video on quick Pasta and chickpeas. I am not on Facebook or Twitter – – I watch everything on my iPhone and have no other trouble downloading other recipes.

    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL or ⌘ + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. We will definitely make it easier to find when we next redesign.

  276. Cristina

    Made this with half an onion, 1.25 c elbow macaroni, used the bean water +~3c water. Added parsley & parm when I served it. Surprisingly simple and tasty! Will definitely make it again.

  277. Jaimie

    So amazing! We loved this dish. I used thyme instead of rosemary and I doubled recipe after reading comments about it being scant serving size. We enjoyed the finish oil a lot so do consider including that to bring some heat and depth. I will say if you want this to be brothy (more like soup) you should add more liquid as the liquid does reduce a bit/absorbs into pasta when it sits a bit after initial serving. East quick delicious—Two thumbs up up up!

  278. Terri Lovins

    OMG – this is amazing – the definition of comfort food! Wasn’t sure if I’d like the garbanzos but I loved them. Trader Joe’s carries the anelli pasta. Highly recommend this recipe!

  279. Lauren

    After watching Deb’s lovely instagram demonstration of this dish a couple weeks ago, I just knew I had to make it. And WOW this is an excellent recipe!
    I added mushrooms and onion, which I believe made it heartier, more like a stew. I did a fine dice of the onion and a larger dice of the mushrooms, cooked them both down separately, and added them back into the dish on the same step as adding the chickpeas, doubling all the other ingredients apart from chickpeas. Also used broth to deglaze the onion/mushroom pan instead of water.
    Will certainly be making this again! I imagine it adapts well to all kinds of extra goodies to add in :)

  280. Maggie Rhyne

    I just saw the IG live on this. I tried to double recipe and I used mini wagon wheels.
    it’s very wet, is this a “stoup”? Is there a way to thicken the sauce?

  281. Blair

    This is my favorite quick, tasty meal to make when I just don’t have the energy to spend time in the kitchen. I’ve made it as written. I’ve doubled it. I’ve added half chickpeas, half great northern beans. I’ve added spinach. Each time and each way, it’s delicious and satisfying.

  282. L Preston

    I just made this tonight and it was so easy and so delicious! I was skeptical about the textures, but the chickpeas got so creamy soft. I’m thrilled to add such a simple, delicious, vegetarian recipe into our rotation. Thank you for this one (and many others)!

  283. Michelle

    This was better than I expected! I didn’t have any garlic, so I sautéed half an onion in the oil instead. I also added frozen peas and cauliflower that I had around. It was delicious! Added some extra salt on account of the additional veggies. I used small shell pasta. Highly recommend!

  284. Jess

    Perfection. Only had pasta, chickpeas in the cupboard and found this recipe via Google. Didn’t have fresh herbs and had to feed a toddler so I left off the spicy finishing oil but the dish was so tasty even without that last touch.

  285. Helen

    I just made this! Thank you!!! It’s amazing! & more importantly my picky eater loved it! Once again you saved the day! Thank you

  286. Love this recipe! I make a very similar version—I like this one better—but I add fresh spinach at the very end and stir it in until it is just barely wilted.
    I usually add Pecorino but I your finish idea, too..

  287. Vaish

    This recipe makes the most delicious pasta! I added a bunch of greens (kale, chard, beet greens, purslane) and it was wonderful.

  288. Amy

    I love this recipe! Since I’ve found it I’ve made it at least once a week. I love using some extra rosemary and crisping it up, and I usually add extra red pepper flakes also bc I love it *spicy*
    So easy and comforting. Thank you!

  289. Kate

    Far surpassed expectations- that finishing lol is everything ! Spooned it onto some toasted bread and let the tears of joy fill my eyes. Thank you for sharing your genius!

  290. Erin Tobin

    Would you consider doing a scaled up version of this? It is a favorite of our family of five (2 teens and 1 preteen) and I end up quintupling it, which makes the math hard (and do I really need to use a whole head of garlic?). I do love having the individual serving size here too, but thought I would ask in case there are others out there who love this for their family meal.

  291. Robinson

    I have made this twice, as written, to great success. It’s delicious and easy. I’ve also made a Korean-inspired version, because the process reminded me slightly of Tteokbokki (i.e. something starchy cooked in a savoury, umami rich sauce). I subbed one tablespoon of tomato paste for gochujang, added a spoonful or so of gochugaru, some soy sauce and a bit of brown sugar. Spicy, sweet, salty and delicious.

  292. Sarah

    We love this recipe and make it regularly. For a quick and easy weeknight dinner it never fails to please. Packed full of flavour and nutritious. Brilliant!

  293. Marie

    This recipe has become a staple in my life the last several years. I initially thought it came out a little dry, so since then when I’ve made it I double the liquid which gives me a slightly soupier result that I really like. Also, I use chicken broth instead of water and I feel like it gives it a little more flavor. SO GOOD!!!

  294. TJ

    Accidentally used a whole 12-oz box of pasta. It required more liquid (of course) so I added a can of tomatoes. The result was a bit like chili-mac, and received repeated comments of “this is good!” We’ll be trying it again using the correct proportions, but that version is going on the make-again list. I love that recipes on this site usually come out well despite user error!

  295. Lizzie

    such a quick and easy recipe, we make this regularly. it’s perfect for a snowy cold day but also totally works in the height of summer since it’s just one pot and comes together quickly. If I have a parmesan rind I always add it in. My toddler inhales it and sometimes I make it just for him to have on hand for quick lunches for the week.

  296. Mary

    This is an easy and yummy recipe. I substituted cannellini beans because I did not have chick peas and they worked well. I highly recommend!

  297. Alexandra Bennett

    Just made this tonight using macaroni as that’s all i could get. It was just enough for the 4 of us but I wish we could have had a little more. But that’s just me being greedy. It was yummy. Simple, clean flavours. Loved the finishing oil. In fact, I think that’s what made it. I would have found it a little bland without. Might try it with cannellini beans next time. I loved it with chickpeas and the kids ate it but i think they’d prefer it with beans.
    I think this would be an awesome after school snack for hungry teens. I like the idea of stirring through some chopped kale in the end for extra nutrition but that stops this from being a “pantry meal”.

  298. Johnny Fever

    Why not just cook the noodles – then sauté the other ingredients in a separate small sauté pan and add them in after pasta is done?

    Lots of additional effort for very little gain- also not enough water for this dish

  299. Mad Mad Mad

    What an insane recipe. It omits the actual method to do something and just sort of uses vague terms instead. What heat does one use to cook this dish? When do you change the heat? To what level heat do you change it? Who can say! Certainly not the person writing the recipe. Instead, you – the person who came here to get directions on how to cook something – should figure out the directions yourself. In which case, what’s the point?

  300. Bianca

    I gave this a Turkish twist by replacing the tomato paste with pepper paste (very spicy so no red pepper flakes needed) and dried mint instead of rosemary. And perhaps I’ll give it a squeeze of lemon if I feel like it.

  301. Sam

    Next time I make this, I need to make a double recipe because I ate almost the entire pot by myself and I slightly regret not just finishing it now. Just the kind of simple recipe I’ve been needing lately.

  302. Amber

    I appreciate this method for taking it to the finishing step without herbs. I love herbs but after a while out of town and coming back to shelf fridge and pantry ingredients only, I was still able to make this! Yum :)

  303. Joy

    5 years – that’s how long I’ve been thinking about making this dish. Anellini are impossible to find around here, and prohibitively expensive online. Substitutions were not an option as round food has an unnatural appeal to me. So I went to Italy instead (so much cheaper? not). I bought the only bag of anellini that existed in Naples, and came home to make this ASAP. Needless to say, my family was thrilled and I was delighted! My kids have never had spaghetti-os but they recognized the riff immediately and declared this delicious (high praise from teenagers who just ate VERY well in Italy for spring break). Your recipes are the Best!!

    1. rochelle

      I make this routinely with oricchiette, which traps the cece perfectly, so don’t let the pasta shape deter you from making this.

  304. Katie

    I love this. Two comments that might be helpful to folks:

    I make the pasta separately and add it to prepped sauce for the last bit of cooking – this is faster and more familiar for getting pasta texture how I like it. I eyeball the amount of water needed and mostly use pasta water. Works well!

    Strong flavors and substance stand up well to whole wheat pasta leaving me a pretty healthy – and vegan! – meal :). Thanks, Deb!!

  305. Lizzie

    Hi Deb! I seconded another person’s comment for this, but I’m adding another one because I love this recipe but always struggle at higher volumes! Can you please re work this for a normal 4-6 serving size for us please? It just seems finicky to so a straight 3 or 4 times the recipe. Thanks so much for all you do!!!

    1. deb

      Here is it doubled, so 4 servings (I’d say 6 if you’re including younger kids):
      4 tablespoons olive oil
      4 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed
      6 tablespoons tomato paste
      2 teaspoons kosher salt, plus more to taste
      Freshly ground black pepper or red pepper flakes, to taste
      3 cups cooked chickpeas (from two 15-ounce cans, drained and rinsed)
      1 cup (4 ounces or 115 grams) uncooked ditalini pasta (or another small shape; I use annelini)
      3 cups (950 ml) boiling water (update: actually I just use tap, not boiled, water)

        1. rochelle

          YES! Even though I routinely make this just for the 2 of us, I always double it. We aren’t particularly big eaters, although he does love his carbs, I’m 5’6″ 110 pounds and we plow thru this deliciousness like the world is ending, usually have some left for lunch. I don’t want to live in a world where the recipe as written would feed 2-4.

  306. Alexandra

    This has become a beloved, back-pocket staple in our house because it’s all pantry ingredients and just perfect as written. I love to add a little finely-chopped kale in after the tomato paste to make it feel like a whole, balanced meal, but we’ve eaten it and adored it so many times just as it is. Thanks, Deb!!

  307. Panadet

    I’ve been using this recipe since 2015 and here i am looking it up again in 2022. It’s almost unbelievable how good this is. I like to add a ton of red chili flakes and garlic. This recipe made me understand the power of tomato paste. So easy but yet perfect.

  308. Diane

    I’ve made this twice in a couple weeks now. Both time, I used white beans as it’s what I had but I think I like it better than I would chickpeas here. I can’t believe how complex it is with such simple pantry ingredients. It makes me think of when you say ‘so much more than a sum of its parts’ or something like this. I did it with and without the olive oil finish. I think it’s good but not necessary. I added frozen spinach but I think I’ll try peas next time as someone suggested.

  309. Special Agent Jack Bauer

    I hated Spaghetti-os as a kid, and tbh I wasn’t crazy about this recipe the very first time I tried it, Somewhere along the line though, something magically clicked, and this is now one of my absolute go-to comfort foods. I make it at least three times a month, and I always make sure the ingredients are stocked in my pantry. I love that it’s basically 15 minutes from start to eating (although I never mess with the finishing oil), and all you have to do with the garlic is give it a good smash.

  310. Lily B

    Hi Deb,
    Any ideas for cooking this in a crockpot? I skimmed the other comments and saw one on reheating in a crockpot, but nothing on cooking in one. I’m visiting my toddler’s classroom tomorrow and would love to make this recipe with the kids, but the cooking option in the classroom is a crockpot… Could we saute the oil, garlic, and tomato paste in there, then simmer with the liquid as one would on the stovetop? Thanks!

  311. Jen

    I just made something similar with TJ’s quick cooking farro instead of the pasta, plus a bunch of chopped zucchini, mushrooms and onions which I sautéed at the beginning. Can be soup, side dish or main dish depending on how much liquid you add. Very satisfying and accidentally vegan.

  312. Diane Var

    I made this today and just loved it! I did a couple of things differently. I sautéed half an onion, and used homemade chicken stock in place of water. I used baby shell pasta. Finished it with baby spinach. I believe it would have been just as good if I made it the way it was written. I’m trying to have less meat and this recipe fits the bill. Thank you!

  313. Emjay

    There’s so many glowing comments here that I can’t believe I have something novel to add, but, I was a little concerned that using split chickpeas (chana dal) would be a problem, but that was all I had in the pantry and did NOT think I needed TWO KINDS of dried chickpeas.

    It was 100% fine. I also used classic elbow macaroni for my pasta. This remains a simple, gorgeous recipe!

  314. Elisabeth Kensinger

    I am obsessed with this recipe. I make it almost every week to put in my lunchbox for work! It feels like it would be an ideal vacation/road trip food, too, which makes me wonder about an instant pot version (since those pesky hotels don’t always have a cooktop!). I’m assuming it would be a fairly smooth transition- maybe just using less water since there won’t be any evaporation?

  315. Donna

    I saw this recipe online and immediately had to make it. It comes together so quickly and hits all the right notes! I made it exactly as written and it was perfect. It is going to be my go to recipe when we want something delicious and fast! So so so good!

  316. Deann

    A friend made this for me when I first started eating vegetarian and it was love at first bite! I’ve made it countless times, for friends & family alike, and it’s always a hit! This is the ultimate comfort food!

  317. This is entering our rotation! I used only one clove of garlic and omitted the rosemary as we didn’t have any. I used pastina as our store didn’t have annelini. We put parmesan on top; it was delicious. So easy, so hearty. Can’t wait to make it with alphabet pasta for the true Alphaghetti effect (the forbidden food of my childhood.)

  318. Julie Metz

    Could you please edit this recipe post & link your IG demo?? I found it by accident & you give so much good info & answer lots of questions in it.

    Julie (avid follower since idk what year – long before your first book!)

      1. Julie Metz

        Thanks Deb! Yes, that is the demo I saw. I don’t recall if I saw it live – probably not – but I’m glad to have the refresher to finally try this dish for dinner!

      2. Julie Metz

        Dinner was a success! I will definitely be making this again. I have 2 adult-ish kids at home, so I sort of doubled it. I used 2 cans of chickpeas & one 6oz can of tomato paste. I didn’t realize that was so much extra at the time, but it turned out great! I also used a tiny tubettini, which basically looks like small ditalini, & it held up very well. I didn’t have any pepper flakes & didn’t use finishing oil, for the daughter who doesn’t eat spicy. Everyone was unsure about the chickpeas but ended up liking it. We only have enough left over for one small meal!

  319. Valerie Benavidez

    I just made this for my one year old granddaughter, had to try it first, and I don’t know if she’s going to get any. It is genius! So easy and delicious! The rosemary garlic oil is wonderful. Thank you for another simple easy meal.

  320. kim

    Thanks for having an “I made this” section. I have made this twice and it is easy and tasty. The second time I accidently opened a can of white beans but that was no problem. Used the parm rind and a couple italian herbs, yum! Quick and easy.

  321. Beth Eisenberg

    Since it was clear that this recipe would not adequately feed two of us I decided to add a half pound of mushrooms, quartered and two cups of finely shredded cabbage, as well as an extra 1/4 cup of alphabets. The mushrooms made a rich broth and improved the whole dish.

    It was delicious beyond the sun of its parts.

  322. Nancy in CA

    How have I not commented on this before? One change: Orecchiette for the pasta. The tender + chew is perfect for this. One cheat? I keep a jar of the infused olive oil with garlic, basil, and red pepper flakes from the Naked Tomato Sauce here in the fridge. A dollop of that makes you that much closer to dinner. Or lunch. Now I’m fantasizing about adding a dollop of ricotta to serve. Oh my.

  323. Claudine

    I love this recipe! Could you give ve us proportions for 4 dinner sized servings? I scale it up a little differently each time – then promptly forget and have to start over next time. Thanks!!

  324. Laura Dunlap

    This was a huge hit for my entire family (two boys plus husband). I doubled everything except the oil, and it was perfect. Just used 2T olive oil for the original sauteing of double the garlic, and it was plenty. I did end up sauteing the garlic longer than I planned (I wasn’t ready with the other ingredients), and am glad I did. Getting it really brown resulted in an amazing flavor. For 6T tomato paste I ended up pulling out 2T (to freeze for future use) from a standard sized little can, and then just dumped the rest in. I also used white beans, and two cans was exactly 3 cups, so no need to measure (just dump both cans in after draining). Next time I will make only half the ending drizzle. While we liked it, we didn’t use even 1/4 of the single serving that I made for this double portion dish. Served it with an oatmeal sunflower bread and some salad, and everyone gobbled it down!

  325. Deb

    Made it as written the first time. Second time I fried some chopped onion before adding the garlic, and used vegetable broth instead of water. I increased the pasta (used shells) to a cup, and it didn’t seem to require additional liquid to cook the pasta fully.

  326. Lekha Mathew

    Just so you are aware, I have been following you for years. Your recipes have yet to fail me (and I am no cook). I just stopped by to say that this is a recipe that is in my quick rotation and I buy the pasta from Amazon so that I have it on hand just for this recipe. Well wishes to you and your family!

  327. Sara

    This was very tasty but not enough fluid for me – I ended up adding about 200ml extra water but next time I’d add even more, I suppose it depends on your preference. As the rosemary oil was cooking I added it to the still hot soup so it sizzled, like a tarka dal. It was very flavourful when I mixed it in!

  328. Nini

    Delicious, will be adding to my rotation.

    Added a little sliced onion while sautéing the garlic. Used white beans since I had them on hand. The only small pasta I had was orzo so in the pan it went. I added bay leaf, dry oregano and thyme to the pan while all ingredients were simmering.

    I loved the velvety texture of the pasta, broth and beans. This will be a great template for future creations ! The portion was enough for my household of 2 adults. But I don’t consider us “big appetites “ people. So double up the quantities or plan some accompanying items if you are cooking for hearty eaters.