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77 comments on Subscribe to the Smitten Kitchen Weekly Digest

  1. Cynthia Spigarelli

    I love your clear directions with pictures. I haven’t had a single flop with your recipes, and appreciate that you make me look good to those I’m feeding…

  2. Jayne

    Thank You!I just read one of your articles where you state you didn’t want to make something because you made it before, 2 years ago, I too don’t like to make the same stuff over and over. I am constantly trying new recipes and having food experiments. It is wonderful to know I am not alone!


  3. Amy

    Thank you for your comments in today’s newsletter You were eloquent and to the point, and given these troubling and terrible times, where indeed presumptions of guilt and chasms of disparity for people of color are the norm, cannot be left unremarked upon. I imagine you could get push back and wanted to send support

  4. Ellen L

    Your food blog is the only one I subscribe to. When I’m looking for something to cook or bake, I always check to see if you have a relevant recipe. I’ve gotten recipes from many other blogs, but with yours I actually read what you have to say. You are always, honest and frank, and speak about food as if you were in my head speaking for me. And when you do feel compelled to address something other than food, I agree wholeheartedly with the values you express. You are always thoughtful and forthright in your expression, whether it’s about produce you just purchased at the farmer’s market or BLM. I’ll forever be a fan. Thank you for the light you shine in the world.

  5. Deb, thank you for the excellent NYT article. I totally agree as do others I’ve shared/discussed it with. We are a tiny but amazing startup company that has lived through this pandemic with a total family-first attitude regardless of the cost. We’ve seen this scenario you describe with cherished employees who are incredibly stressed trying to walk the tightrope between responsible home schooling/parenting and growing this mission-driven business they passionately love.

    We have little hope of any immediate solution from federal or state governments but intend to support our parents through this season in every way we can.

    Any insights or inspiration as a result of your article would be greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions how we in the small business community can positively influence policy are welcome.

    Thanks, Deb!

  6. Joellen Perry

    Hello, I don’t see anywhere else to comment on this so while I’m not writing to say anything about the newsletter I didn’t want to miss a chance to say OUTSTANDING about your column in the NYT today. Bravo. And thank you.

  7. I can’t wait to start using these recipes. I’m excited about so many of them.
    The positive comments assured me that they are easy to follow. Starting with the herb summer squash and potato torte tonight!

  8. Poppy Denker

    Just stumbled across y’all. Looking at recipes and really loving it! When are you going to do an app? That would be awesome!

  9. Becki Roberts

    I am wondering if you ever use recipe testers (home cooks) to test recipes for your newsletter or cookbook? I am recently retired, love to cook and try new recipes! I’ve been a recipe tester for America’s Test Kitchen and Jenn Segal for her new cookbook.
    If you have recipe testers, I’d love to volunteer!
    Becki Roberts

    1. deb

      Thank you — I’m not hiring any recipe testers at this time (I usually only do so for cookbooks) but feel free to shoot me an email and I can keep it on file for when I’m hiring, although I haven’t yet decided what approach I’ll use this time.

  10. Judy Margolin

    Hi: just wanted to let you know that we love the site and the chocolate cake recipe. But FYI, as a lawyer, you need to put a privacy policy and terms of use on this website. You’re collecting personal information and you need to cover yourself. Just thought you’d want to know.

  11. liz plam

    trying to print two different recipes…then I tried to send an email…all attempts have been thwarted..saying that either, images are still loading try again later..OR your email is not a good address, check my emails…

    before I get my IT guy/husband to check it out I wanted to see if the Recipe Search thing that I need to sign up for is the only way I can get a recipe printed…

    thanks for your time

    1. deb

      Hi Liz — There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL or ⌘ + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. You can email me through the Contact form on the site:

  12. Susan

    Several years ago I was sitting in my office and a friend of mine came running in breathless and said you won’t believe this. You love to cook, you love looking at gorgeous pictures of food and I found the perfect website for you. She then showed me your pictures on line and I swooned. I have been watching your recipes and pictures ever since. It was like a gift that she gave me. I have made many of your recipes, all wonderful, and your videos are fabulous. I had to write you and let you have become you are a part of my day that makes me smile.
    Thank you for sharing your love of food and your fabulous recipes.

  13. Suzi Reaves

    My niece, who is a big foodie, told me about this site. We had two meals she saw on Smitten Kitchen that were yummy.

  14. Sallie Altman

    Just a thank you for reinstating the name under the archives recipes for easier reference. I asked last week and it was so quick! Is there a way to quickly navigate back to your website from this substack version of your newsletter?
    I also want to say that are my main go-to online and the only food blog/newsletter I regularly read… except for David Lebovitz, who is also an excellent writer. But your recipes are the only ones I actually use more often than any unless you just dont have what im looking for. And my place to try stuff for the adventure of it. If you ever get so really sick of cooking that youd like to write about something else besides food, I would read it ! I know it would be good.

  15. Deborah Jezierski

    I was brought to your site from a link, on another cooking newsletter. I would love, to subscribe to yours. Thank you.

  16. Leslie Robinson

    Hi, I have signed up a few times for the newsletter but never receive it. It isn’t in my spam/junk folder. Any idea how to fix this?

    Many thanks,

    1. deb

      You signed up for the Substack one? I changed services a few months ago so if you’re only signed up on Mailchimp, it’s definitely not going out there anymore.

  17. Sue Manning

    Help! I subscribe to your newsletter and swear that I saw a write up of your trip to Scotland. I meant to save it to read when I had more time, but cannot find it. How can I access the most recent newsletter? Or did I see it on your instagram — I looked there again but also can’t find anything.
    Thanks Deb!

  18. lauren

    I stumbled on your blog by accident and I am so glad I did. Your recipes are amazing and I love the hits and tips you give. Thank you for making me a better cook!

  19. Patty

    I have been looking for recipes with such a variety of veggies and just different and pretty much what I have in my pantry already. So, thanks for that. I made the tomato and zucchini and other ingredients, gallant. Amazing. We ate the whole thing. Great flavors. This is going to be great time with your sight. Thanks again

    1. deb

      Apologies — I just missed this past week! I’d held the newsletter for a book tour announcement later in the week and then I had to hold that because not everything had been set yet. I’ll try to squeeze in a newsletter this weekend or Tuesday.

  20. I appreciate your article. I now have a better understanding of it, and I appreciate the article’s thoroughness. In the future, I’d like to read more of your writing.

  21. Jan

    I just got an email from Substack, titled :”Recommendations from your Substacks.” I thought Smitten Kitchen did not sell our email addresses. Why are they allowed to address us directly?

    1. deb

      I am not sure why you received that but I neither collect nor sell email addresses. This sounds like a marketing email from the newsletter service but I will get more information as to why this is happening.

        1. Jan

          Thank you for your response. I appreciate your attention to this matter. Unfortunately I deleted the email. If I get one again I will forward it to you.

  22. Kristin Dunlap

    Dear Deb,
    My daughter introduced me to you and your blog a few years ago when I asked where she got the recipes for the best Thanksgiving dinner I’d ever et. And not a minute too soon, because I was soon overseas, living in Amsterdam and loving it, but a little homesick when the holidays rolled around with that stranger in a strange land feeling. I love your unmanicured take on life and cookery: not perpetually polished and perfect, sharing the oopses and whoopsies like a friend who let themselves in and with whom you’re whipping up something to enjoy together with maybe a few substitutions cuz that’s what you had. Thanks for being my imaginary friend.
    Also kudos on collecting for Ukraine.
    Watch What a Way to Go, with Shirley MacLaine;)
    All the best!

  23. Tracey Culver

    I am unable to access your freezer article. I can’t even find ‘burritos to freeze’ using the search function. What has changed? I’m a long-time subscriber, now very frustrated.
    Thank you.

  24. Marti

    Ibs & hypoglycemia here.
    Have to eat about every 2 hours but cannot eat brassicas, soy, processed meat, garlic, onions, cinnamon, cooked tomatoes, any brown breads, chocolate, caffeine & alcohol. Dried beans are a bit of a problem.
    Does anyone have recipes for a meal? I’d be truly grateful.

  25. Colleen Marchant

    I am joining the party late you might say! I just learned about you this morning on the radio. So what do you do when something sparks your interest now a days! Go google it. What a wonderful find. I look forward to trying some of the recipes and finding one of your cook books. I love all the pictures. I am a school teacher so meal planning doesn’t get much thought, however check out your website has made my mouth water! I wish I was closer to Burnaby BC next Friday when you will be at the book store.

  26. Carolyne Gibson

    I so enjoyed remotely watching your visit to Book Passage yesterday. Now I have a voice in my head to accompany your written words!
    You spoke of the tomato paste dilemma. I make my own but this works with the canned product, too. Get a small ice-cube tray (preferably silicon) with roughly 2-tablespoon chambers and spoon the paste into it, filling a chamber before starting the next, and plop it in the freezer. Remove the frozen paste, put the cubes in a zip bag, and store the bag in the freezer. The cubes keep for at least a year. Even if you need less than 2 tablespoons of paste, you’re only wasting a small amount instead of a nearly full can.

  27. Susan

    Firstly – I love your cookbooks and your blog! I have never had a disaster until today! UGH! I made the blondie chipwich recipe from your new cookbook and baked them longer than the 15 minutes suggested in the recipe because they did not look done although it states bake until set but still soft. After I cooled them they seemed completely raw and very buttery and fell apart while removing from the pan. I just can’t figure out where I went wrong… I use a scale to measure all ingredients.

  28. Ann

    Just checking . . . signed up for the SK newsletter at the end of December — and have only received two newsletters on 1/2 and 1/9 of this month. Got any suggestions on how to continue to receive them? Thanks, Ann

  29. Patricia Kazakoff

    I have your book “Smitten Kitchen,” and the instructions on page 187-188 on Tomato-glazed Meatloaves isn’t clear to me.
    Do I pulverize the breadcrumbs with the vegetables ? In the next section, it tells me to add vegetables only to large skillet. Plse clarify; I am confused.

  30. Frances Mcdonald

    OMG I just discovered you! My kitchen will never be the same! THANK YOU!!!! It’s so heart-warming to connect with food-passionate souls!

  31. Anne Hepburn

    hey Deb’
    I got the Smitten Kitchen Keepers for Christmas – what a great gift!!
    I finally made the chocolate chip cookies with salted walnut brittle this morning, and OMG they are fabulous!!

    question though- any suggestions for a nut free brittle? I have several family members with nut allergies. I know they would love these if I could find a way to make them nut free.

  32. Donna Denommee

    One of the things my husband and I like to do is cook together. Life is so busy we don’t get to spend a lot of time together except to cook together. Also, he helps me clean!

  33. Louise

    This morning I received an email from a friend for your zucchini bread recipe, and after reading the recipe, I clicked on many more of the recipes and was really impressed. I get many recipes from many sources, but yours are ones that I would definitely try. From the few recipes that I have read, the ingredients are practical. As I am a visual person, I love the illustrations that accompany the recipes, too! Thank you!

  34. Pam Seiffert

    I keep signing up for your newsletter, but I don’t get it. No, it is not in my spam folder. I used to get the newsletter but then it stopped coming. Not sure why?

    1. deb

      It went out yesterday morning! If you didn’t get it and it’s not in spam, try signing up again. You will need to confirm via email you want to be subscribed once a prompt arrives.

  35. Nancy

    I would like to know what brand grill you recently purchased. I’ve looked all over and can’t find your answer and I know you’ve been asked this probably a gazillion times.

  36. Becky Kingsley

    I will be in Italy this October with my SIL, and since you just returned I’m wondering if you discovered any special restaurants that you’d recommend in Florence or Rome?

    Hoping this email gets through the huge pile I’m sure you’ve accumulated. Thanks so much!

  37. Connie Abraham

    Deb I love your post and read it every week. Today I read it and there was a recommendation for a cookbook but I took what I wanted re recipes and deleted the rest. Can you tell me what book was in the newest post? Something that had pastry in the title. By the way, I can’t make those brown butter rice krispy treats again unless there is another adult in the house. I ate the hell out of them! Thank you for your work.

  38. Susan

    I don’t know how I fell off your Newsletter circuit, but I hope resubscribing here fixes that! I’ve missed it and you! I’ve been without an oven for over a year now and remembered that you have many stovetop recipes that I will need over the coming winter. I’ve gotten pretty adept at using the microwave to make some baked goods and casseroles. They aren’t as appetizing to look at, but I have that browning torch when I need to fake in the Maillard effect on certain things. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Deb-ing up my game!
    Thanks, Susan